I want to know how the conflict between David Cameron and China is going to be settled, says Iain Duncan Smith

I want to know how the conflict between David Cameron and China is going to be settled, says Iain Duncan Smith
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 14/11/2023

- 09:48

Updated: 14/11/2023

- 09:49

Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan-Smith has said he is “sorry” to see former Home Secretary Suella Braverman sacked as Home Secretary.

Speaking to GB News, the MP for Chingford also questioned David Cameron's links to China.

He said: “The sackings all come out first and I was really surprised it was done by telephone. Normally you would hope that they might be seen and thanked.

“I’m sorry to see Suella go. I think she’s highly intelligent, a very good lawyer and she understood the real threat that we face with being unable to get these boats stopped.

“She’s been very much at the prime of doing all of that so I think it will be a loss.

“The Conservative Party is a right-of-centre party so when you ask who the standard bearer for the right is, you should automatically go ‘well, that’s the Prime Minister’ because we’re a right of centre party and we believe in all these things.

“You wouldn’t have asked that question when Margaret Thatcher was around – you knew exactly who was the standard bearer.

“My general feeling right now is we have a short period of time in which to get the sort of policy and to bring that coalition that voted for us and in 2019 who hugely got us across the line.

“It's a mix of people who wanted to deliver Brexit quite categorically. They wanted control of migration, they wanted the government off their backs, they want to lower taxes because many of them are on low incomes and they don't want all this woke nonsense that’s been going on which is destroying their lives, including, by the way, beating them up to get to net zero – a target which was plucked out of nowhere.

“[Suella] now needs to conduct herself on the basis that she has principles and she understands where she believes the party should go. It’s quite legitimate if she’s on the back benches she’s freer to express her view about where she thinks we ought to go and how that should work and what, therefore a Conservative Party over the next year should look like.

“She’s quite at liberty to do that.

“When I ceased being leader I set up the Centre for Social Justice, I campaigned to try to deliver Conservative values. I delivered that and I came back into government as a result of that work, so it’s not over – don’t think for one moment that it’s over just because you’re on the back benches.

“On the back benches is really where all politics is. When you’re in government, you’re trapped in collective responsibility and that makes it very difficult.

“The truth is, they [Braverman and Sunak] didn’t disagree about the issue of the marches. They seem to have completely agreed that the marches should not have taken place.

“They were disagreeing, it seems, about the tenor of what she said, but the reality is they both came out and said the marches should not have taken place.

“In a way, they were in disagreement with the police so it’s the way it’s done, I suspect, that’s he’s acted on.

“Whether you like it or not, the reality is the vast majority of the public absolutely agreed that this was Remembrance.

“I served in the Army, I was in Northern Ireland, I lost a particularly good friend, so I wanted to commemorate that in peace. I did not need to have some protest march taking place – it could have happened on the Monday. I don’t know why it had to happen.

“I have one or two concerns [about David Cameron]. I am one of seven people in parliament who are sanctioned by the Chinese government. We discovered through the interparliamentary alliance on China there was a genocide taking place in XinJiang; people were literally being forced into slave labour.

“I, therefore, am being sanctioned, being hounded, as are my colleagues; our sites are being attacked, and then David Cameron is coming in and I’m a little bit puzzled about this because until recently it appears he’s being paid by the Chinese government to promote certain things to do with the government.

“That’s a conflict. I want to know how that is to be settled because we are under threat the whole time and we are members of the parliament – a couple of people are in government – so this is a real question mark for me about what is that conflict and how is that to be settled?”

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