WATCH: Camilla Tominey in fiery clash with Lord Foulkes over immigration - ‘You’re pushing an agenda’

WATCH: Camilla Tominey in fiery clash with Lord Foulkes over immigration - ‘You’re pushing an agenda’
Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 10/12/2023

- 16:30

Foulkes accused the GB News presenter of pushing an agenda’

Camilla Tominey has locked hordes with Lord George Foulkes in a heated back-and-forth over immigration.

Speaking on the Camilla Tominey Show on Sunday morning, Lord Foulkes said: I mean, look, now we've got a Prime Minister who was beaten by Liz Truss, even in an election to be lead, and he is completely incompetent. The sooner we have a general election the better.

Tominey replied: “To be fair, Lord Foulkes, I'm not sure anybody in the Labour Party can talk about the appropriateness of leaders when Jeremy Corbyn was at the helm for four years. But I digress.

“When it comes to this immigration issue-”

Camilla Tominey and Lord George Foulkes

Camilla Tominey in fiery clash with Lord Foulkes over immigration - ‘You’re pushing an agenda’

GB News

Tominey was then cut off by Foulkes who accused the GB News presenter of “pushing an agenda”.

She said: “I'm not pushing an agenda, I'm not pushing an agenda, but I'm just saying it's difficult.”

Lord Foulkes said: “We all know that you Camilla and GB News are pushing an agenda.

“And what you need to do is look at the current situation, look at what the Tories are up to.

“They've been in power for 13 years and it's about time that you and other people realized that and started challenging what they're doing instead of going back to generations ago.”

Camilla Tominey Show

Camilla Tominey grilled Lord Foulkes over immigration

GB News

Tominey replied: “Lord Foulkes, if I may, every Government minister that comes on this show gets a very robust response from me on the failings of 13 years of Tory rule.

“We just had a newspaper of all review which was extremely critical of the Government.

“My point really on immigration is: Can Labour really be trusted when it says it wants to bring the numbers down, both legal and illegal, when under the last Labour administration the numbers went up exponentially?

“That's not an agenda-setting question. It's just an honest question based on fact.”

Foukes then added: “Well, it didn't go up exponentially. Your mathematics isn't all that good Camilla.

“The position was that people who in areas where we needed support. I mean, I was treated in hospital recently and most of the people who helped look after me are people who came in from overseas.

“Our health service would be in real trouble if it hadn't been for doctors, for nurses, and for other people coming in a whole range of our services.

“Our care homes would be in difficulties without these people.”

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