The woke war on the west is unravelling fast, says Mark Dolan

The woke war on the west is unravelling fast, says Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 30/01/2023

- 21:03

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:20

It used to be a niche word an obsession of the chattering classes and the media elite - not so much anymore

Loudmouth motorhead Jeremy Clarkson is absolutely right in his recent column in the Sunday Times.

He wrote that the woke left are trying to destroy the very fabric of this country.

It goes beyond that. It's a global movement. I could barely believe my eyes this morning. Just one cup of coffee into my day when the Telegraph reported the following: theatre shows for black people only. You heard me right.

Two major Canadian theatres have announced exclusive performances for an “all black-identifying audience”.

A similar event is planned by the Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto. According to them the purpose of the event is to facilitate “a safe environment for a personal and intimate discussion on the work made and performed by black artists”.

Whilst white attendees could not be banned from going to the show, the Telegraph report the theatre made it clear they would not be welcome. You couldn't make it up. The cure for racism apparently is segregation and dividing people up based upon skin colour. Now I am no professor of history but isn't that what happened during apartheid in South Africa? And in 1950s America? Hadn't we all agreed that was a bad thing?

With this bonkers story which will shock and upset the vast majority of right-thinking people we have clear and reassuring evidence that wokeism contains within it the seeds of its own destruction. It has that in common with any criminal enterprise. Like burglars it secretly wants to get caught.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during a press conference on winter pressures in the NHS, at St Andrews House in Edinburgh. Picture date: Monday January 16, 2023.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during a press conference on winter pressures in the NHS, at St Andrews House in Edinburgh. Picture date: Monday January 16, 2023.
Lesley Martin

We’ve seen the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon self-destruct over the issue of trans-rights culminating in a double rapist being accommodated in a women’s prison. By cancelling women Nicola Sturgeon looks to have cancelled herself.

Woke used to be a niche word an obsession of the chattering classes and the media elite. Not so much anymore as your sister or your mother or your female best friend risks coming out of a branch of Primark in tears because they've been in a changing room - previously female only - now populated by men. And the vulnerability they feel is dismissed as bigotry. Rather than the truth which is that they are afraid.

Whether you like it or not men have always been an existential and safety threat to women – it is the story of history I'm afraid. To suggest trans people are somehow sexual predators is deeply wrong. It's an issue for anyone with a male biology. Which is why I think it's right - that neither an appalling sex attacker with a history of violence against women or indeed me or the Archbishop of Canterbury or Rod Stewart or Micky Mouse - or anyone else that's a biological male - should be prohibited from entering female only spaces.

I believe that silly little stories might just be the straws that break the camel’s back not the big ones.

Like the London School of Economics removing the words lent end Easter from their calendar because they are not inclusive.

This kind of shallow virtue-signalling crap will eventually irritate the wider population into rejecting this nonsense. There's an old proverb – wait long enough and the bodies of your enemies will pass you by in the river. It's my view we have to wait for this woke madness to work itself through the system and to get so extreme and so bonkers that even the least politically active members of the population will say enough is enough.

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I could of course be completely wrong. Both Canadian theatre groups have argued they want to create a safe space for people of colour to reflect on the evil of racism and how it has affected their lives and the lives of previous generations. Scotland's self ID bill is designed to protect a deeply vulnerable group in our society who are among the most prejudged and abused - trans people. The SNP want to make them safe and feel acknowledged. The London School of economics is based in a deeply multicultural city and they want all of their students and teaching staff to feel part of the community and included. So of course there are arguments on both sides. But I believe that the wacky woke left are losing those arguments as their policies create a grim and joyless dystopian reality. And an unhappier angrier and more divided Society.

Many say this is just a politically motivated culture war and say that wokeism doesn't matter as it doesn't affect them. Well neither does a hurricane until it reaches your home. And the insidious mission creep of wokeism is really starting to affect people’s lives. It's even affecting the arts and culture. TV dramas with finger-wagging progressive storylines boring people to tears and what about politically correct comedy – surely a contradiction in terms. The highly talented Doctor Who writer Russell T. Davies who himself has a flawless progressive and politically correct CV has this week railed against diversity.

The Telegraph report he has criticised a new wave of TV screenwriters who are more interested in diversity than television. Many script writers are in the television industry to “increase representation” Davies has claimed, and their work is “rubbish”.

So Clarkson is right there are forces at work to make people hate this country hate its institutions and hate its history. But they won't win. Because as with the example of a double rapist in a female prison ideological purity will ultimately cement the downfall of this sinister movement. The singular idea underpinning gender ideology for example – that men are women and women are men - has collapsed under the weight of its own lack of logic. And for that we must thank Nicola Sturgeon. There is a woke war on the west but it’s unravelling fast.

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