'To save this country from rabid socialism the Tories need to hand Nigel Farage over the keys,' says Roger Gewolb

Nigel Farage and Rishi Sunak

'The first past the post system is the opposite of proportional representation,' says Roger Gewolb

Roger Gewolb

By Roger Gewolb

Published: 21/06/2024

- 09:59

Dr Roger Gewolb is a former Bank of England adviser

Well, here’s how it’s shaping up.

The latest super poll says that Reform won’t get any seats at all, even with a large popular vote and that the Tories will be totally wiped out and Labour will come in with a massive majority.

This is because of our “first past the post“ system, which is pretty much the opposite of proportional representation and effectively means that only the two major parties have a chance of controlling Parliament.

And the new super poll is said to be far more accurate than traditional political polls because of various scientific applications and also the huge sampling, many times more people participating in the poll.

But, this still perhaps disregards the damage that Nigel Farage, George Galloway, and Jeremy Corbyn, three outlier candidates, will do to Labour as well as to the Tories.

This, because it hasn’t been publicly announced what the spread and weighting of the super poll was amongst the particular demographics where these three candidates, especially the latter, are particularly strong, such as Galloway in predominantly Muslim areas.

Many think it’s going to be this massive wipeout.

Many think that Farage is going to sweep it and be the next Prime Minister, despite FPTP. Many think it’s all about 2029 with Farage as PM then, him having obliterated the Conservatives and his Reform then being the dominant opposition party.


I’m sorry, but I know Nigel a bit and I don’t personally see him as a man who can sit around for five years watching Keir The Fear Starmer unleash his thinly disguised socialist dogs of hell as soon as he is put in place as Labour’s Biden The Younger.

No, Nigel will be off to America with Trump like a shot and gone forever, albeit making noises about being bi-Atlantic, but 2029 will never happen.

The only chance of saving this country from rabid socialism and multicultural indigestion is for Nigel to go for it now.
Maybe he will sweep it on his own, but his chances will be far better if he tries to force his hand with the Tories and demands they give him the keys.

They won’t like it, but they have no choice; after a pretty much universally agreed 14 years of unbelievable incompetence, greed, sex scandals and almost total neglect of the public that elected them, they really are going to disappear otherwise and for a very very long time.

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