'Fed-up Conservative voters risk sleepwalking into a socialist nightmare tomorrow,' says Philip Davies

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Voting for anyone but the Conservative Party will let Labour win and risk a 'socialist nightmare', Philip Davies says

Philip Davies

By Philip Davies

Published: 03/07/2024

- 14:01

Philip Davies is the Conservative candidate for Shipley

From the moment the General Election was called, it has always been assumed that Labour would win. The only question has been 'How big a majority'.

This is not because everybody is really pro-Starmer and all the socialist policies the Labour Party are offering but because many feel let down by the Conservative Party.

I know some people are fed up. I know they feel let down and, believe me, I really do get that.

People talk about their disappointment after 14 years of a Conservative government, but things can’t have been that bad during the first nine years as we won an 80-seat majority in 2019. The issue is what went wrong after that?

We would all have liked to have had the opportunity for a Conservative government to transform the country with a Conservative revolution, but that didn’t happen for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason was the pandemic and the decision to lock down the country for the best part of two years (something I voted against throughout).

You cannot lock down the country for so long, print and borrow money to pay people to do nothing and expect no economic consequences from that.

As a result, debt and taxes are far higher than they otherwise would be - along with waiting lists in the NHS etc.

This was quickly followed by another once-in-a-century event - a war in Europe causing a spike in energy and food prices.

Philip Davies in pictures

Philip Davies is the former Conservative MP for Shipley


I would urge these people who are disappointed that we did not see a more Conservative agenda followed to wake up to the nightmare they may be inadvertently letting themselves in for.

In some cases, they will not even be voting Labour. But by voting anything other than Conservative, they will be unintentionally letting Labour win in some areas – particularly in seats where the voting is very close.

I understand why people want to use their vote to protest but the irony is that it will not get them what they actually really want.

This is not a by-election where you can do a protest vote without consequence.

This election is the real thing and we could end up sleepwalking into a socialist nightmare.

On the other hand, some Labour and Liberal Democrat voters will be using their votes tactically to get the most out of the current voting system by supporting the candidate on the left most likely to win in different seats.

In fact, some polling suggests that not only could Labour achieve a big win but that the Liberal Democrats could also have a revival.

There is no chance on this planet that the Liberal Democrats would be any kind of opposition to Labour – based on past experience and their policies.

In fact, when they were in a coalition with the Conservatives it sometimes felt like they were being an opposition to the Conservative Party from within and not the Labour Party on the other side.

On many of the things traditional Conservative voters have firm views on, the Liberal Democrats would literally be in bed with Labour on the other side of the argument.

They could even encourage Labour to go further than they already plan to do on some things!

Whether it be financially crippling turbo-charged net zero policies, re-integration into the EU in whatever guise, higher taxes for those who work hard, save and do the right thing, more entrepreneurial-zapping bureaucracy, even weaker immigration policies, electoral reform and changes that could adversely affect elections and this country for many years to come – these are all going to be supported by both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Not to mention the enabling and encouragement of the unwanted onward march of divisive, expensive political correctness in all its ugly forms and so-called human rights for even more people who do not deserve them.


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Philip Davies is urging all Conservative-minded people to vote for the Conservative Party tomorrow


And if you believe in freedom you are going to be out of luck from a new “State Knows Best At All Times” socialist Government.

If the Conservatives have learned some of the lessons of the catastrophic Covid lockdowns, I do not think Labour and the Liberal Democrats have.

If ever we were faced with such a situation again, I fear they could lock the country down sooner, harder and for longer - despite all the evidence that has emerged showing the damage and devastation the previous approach caused to, amongst other things, our finances, our health and our children.

Having a socialist Government with a large majority completely free to do untold damage to our country - with or without the support of a non-existent opposition from the Liberal Democrats - would be a catastrophe.

You can be assured that if you have any assets at all - property, shares, a car, a private pension, an inheritance - Keir Starmer will be coming for you.

So, instead of effectively cutting their own noses off to spite their faces on Thursday - and potentially contributing to a Labour Government with little or no effective opposition - I would urge all Conservative-minded people (however fed up they are) to vote Conservative.

If they don’t, I fear many people will wake up on July 5 and say, "What have we done”. By then it will be too late.

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