Patrick Christys: Just because leaders say they’re the woke defenders of all things good doesn’t mean they actually are

Pat Mono Canada 31 jan
Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 31/01/2022

- 10:21

Updated: 31/01/2022

- 10:56

The campaign of demonisation against people who hold different beliefs to liberal leaders is Soviet-Esque

The thousands of truckers who formed a convoy and drove to the Canadian capital to protest draconian Covid laws represent more than just a protest movement - they are part of a revolution.

A revolution against tyranny, a tyranny being committed by people who claim to stand for liberal values.

There is a real problem with liberalism at the moment, and that problem is that the people in power who call themselves liberals are fast becoming totalitarian - it’s Animal Farm in action.

Justin Trudeau is a man who claims to be woken than woke. We all remember him saying it’s ‘peoplekind’ not ‘mankind’, for example.

Yet this is a man who has worn blackface, and who is very comfortable running roughshod over his population’s civil liberties. All in the name of ‘being kind’.

Not content with banning the unvaccinated from public transport and working in federal departments, he’s forcing truckers travelling between the US and Canada to quarantine.

And he called the protesters a small fringe minority. Well, when the convoy arrived in Ottowa he and his family fled and went into hiding. It’s either something much larger than a fringe movement, or he’s the kind of man who legs it from a small group of protesters. If it’s the latter, I’m not sure he’s the kind of person you’d want leading your country.

I’ve been amazed at the media coverage, or lack of it. The BBC has a report online now with the headline - truckers cause chaos… I don’t remember seeing those kind of headlines of the largely peaceful protests in America when there was looting, buildings set on fire and full-blown riots.

It’s not just the ultra-authoritarian rules brought in by the supposedly liberal leaders, it’s also the campaign of demonisation against those people who hold different beliefs to them. It’s Soviet-Esque.

And it’s not just Canada. Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand holds herself up as an Uber-liberal. Yet she’s behaved, in my opinion, like a tinpot dictator drunk on power.

New Zealand has had some of the harshest lockdowns, she seems gleeful when she gives press conferences and says the unvaccinated will essentially not be allowed to do anything - she’s even in the process of banning cigarettes for goodness sake.

New Zealanders are now not allowed to travel back to their home country to see their families and, on top of that, an unvaccinated pregnant journalist has been forced to seek help from the Taliban in Afghanistan because Ardern won’t let her come home…

Charlotte Bellis discovered she was pregnant a short time after gaining international attention in 2021 for questioning Taliban leaders about their treatment of women and girls. She is due to give birth in May.

Giving birth in Afghanistan can often be a death sentence, frankly given the country has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, and so can living under the Taliban. Something is seriously wrong here.

Joe Biden is another one. This super-progressive guy is also content with totalitarian Covid laws and swearing at members of the free press.

The European Union, supposedly this fluffy bastion of democracy, is also content with many of its member states bringing in mandatory jabs, a never-ending cycle of lockdowns, and much, much more.

But people are waking up. It’s not just the Canadian truckers, it’s people all over the world. They’re waking up to the Orwellian reality that just because their leaders drape themselves in a rainbow flag, claim to be radical feminists, take the knee and say they’re the woke defenders of human rights and all things good in the world, doesn’t mean they actually are.

Sometimes, they’re the opposite of that.

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