Islamist extremism is being swept under the rug, says Patrick Christys

Islamist extremism is being swept under the rug, says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys says Islamist extremism is being swept under the rug

Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 23/02/2024

- 10:33

I’m actually offended by what Lindsay Hoyle said...

Lindsay Hoyle has openly admitted that the threat of terrorism is now actually impacting our democracy.

I’m actually offended by what Lindsay Hoyle said. He said he’s looking after the safety of members of the House of Commons.

They are supposed to be looking after our safety. And they haven’t.

Why have we got ‘bollards of peace’ by the pavement outside busy pedestrian hotspots? Is it for a careless Mormon driver?

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys has lamented the surge in Islamism


Why are we being told to look over our shoulders at Christmas markets? Is it for a pesky Jehovah’s Witness?

Do you remember that time an autistic child scuffed a copy of the Bible and his mother had to go to the local church with two police officers to beg for forgiveness from a load of enraged Anglicans?

Seven Seven. Borough Market. The Manchester Arena bombing. Fishmonger’s Hall. Westminster Bridge.

We’ve had to live with this while our politicians banged on about being kind and inclusive and calling anyone who disagreed with them ‘far right’.

We have been at the coalface. The Jewish community is the canary in the coal mine and that canary is currently gasping for air and desperately trying to tell us that things are dangerously out of control.

This is what former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has written in the Telegraph tonight: “This is no longer the great country I knew. Islamists are bullying Britain into submission.

Lindsay HoyleSir Lindsay Hoyle has issued an apologyGB News

“This isn’t just about my colleagues in Parliament. Our values and freedoms are under attack in all walks of life.”

Finally, the penny is starting to drop among our parliamentarians.

Plus, an investigation into Prevent, our terror watchdog, has revealed what even Stevie Wonder could see.

We have not dealt with Islamist extremism, we are not doing enough to deal with it now, we have focussed too heavily on the far right - as bad as that is.

MI5 data shows that 75 per cent of its caseload was focused on Islamist threats, yet the latest figures for referrals to the Prevent programme showed just 11 per cent related to Islamist terrorism. How can that be?

Ah yes, William Shawcross, who conducted a review into Prevent, revealed that fear of being called Islamophobic has led up to this.

Yesterday an anti-semitic slogan was physically beamed onto Big Ben while the Leader of the House of Commons drove a coach and horses through our democratic system to appease a load of radicals who have been threatening violence and death upon our elected officials.


Keir Starmer

Labour 'threw their arms around people with a radical ideology', says Patrick Christys

GB News

I would take Lindsay Hoyle more seriously if he’d have properly called out Islamist extremism when his own colleague was slaughtered by a jihadi.

I would take him more seriously if he’d called out Islamism when one of his colleagues quit over death threats recently.

Labour threw their arms around people with a radical ideology, who have turned against them, and now they’re running scared. Well, now you know how it feels.

There is a tactic being used on the doorstep at the moment by radicals as they go around looking to drum up votes in a lot of Muslim areas. They try to convince ordinary, well meaning members of the Muslim community to take a more hardline approach by saying: “How are you going to answer on the judgement day?”

Well, I would like to say to our MPs: “How are you going to look your grandchildren in the eye and explain to them that you allowed a problem into Britain, you allowed it to fester, you allowed it to take over, and that you were time and time again too afraid to speak up about it.” Cowards.

A Home office spokesperson has said: “We have made significant progress to deliver a strengthened Prevent which places tackling terrorist ideologies at its core.

“The government agrees that extreme Islamist ideology presents the greatest threat to the UK, and has moved swiftly to update Prevent duty guidance and training to make that clear.”

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