There was NOTHING conservative about the Conservative Party, claims Nana Akua

There was NOTHING conservative about the Conservative Party, claims Nana Akua
There was NOTHING conservative about the Conservative Party, claims Nana Akua
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Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 07/07/2024

- 20:17

Updated: 08/07/2024

- 06:59

Nana Akua shared her view on the week's events

Britain under the Conservatives has been a total, I cannot say that here, so let's just say it started out promising and then degenerated into a clown world.

Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Where do I start? Strikes galore. Doctors, nurses. rail, post office, teachers. Our roads are full of potholes, our rivers are polluted, and the NHS is decimated.

Good luck calling for an ambulance. My advice is, if you can, you're better off driving to the hospital yourself.

But when you get there, be ready to wait days only to end up on a corridor. Identity politics has flourished under the Conservatives, who allowed gender identity to embed itself into our institutions.

Nana Akua

Nana Akua shared her views on the Conservative party

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True, it was Sir Keir Starmer who struggled to answer whether a woman has a penis or not. But to be fair to him, it was the policies set up by the Tories that enabled this delusion.

Diversity and inclusion, or DEI, and net zero, all became a thing. Under the last Government, the latter we can thank Theresa May for crime is off the scale.


Don't get me started on people carrying knives and machetes. Bills are sky high, not helped by the highest tax burden since the war.

And as for immigration, the bit that we could control, legal migration, is completely out of control. And then there's illegal migration. Whilst I support the notion of Rwanda and believe we need a third country to help us out, I couldn't see it happening because of the numerous legal challenges and all of this at the taxpayers' expense.

The smugglers are laughing all the way to the bank. I could go on. There was nothing conservative about the Conservative Party. They might as well have been Labour.

Instead of dealing with policies and focusing on the electorate, the Conservatives spent the last five years in fighting.

Rishi Sunak announces General Election outside Downing StreetRishi Sunak announced the General Election date in the pouring rain outside Downing Street PA

Secretaries, Home Secretary or Education, Ministers, Chancellors. I mean, it was just a revolving door of self-serving politicians who appeared to move jobs every time an important decision needed to be made. Even calling the election was embarrassing.

Rishi Sunak, standing in the rain with no umbrella, with the tune of Things can Only Get better in the background.

And then he turned around and you could see that he was drenched. All we needed next was lightning to finish things off.

And after that, he stood in the Titanic quarter under the exit sign. And what on earth was he thinking when he chose to leave the D-Day commemorations early for a pre-recorded interview on ITV?

Rishi Sunak

At the end of last week Rishi Sunak delivered a speech outside Downing Street and said he would be stepping down


You couldn't make it up. In truth, it seems most governments, irrespective of party, degenerated into chaos by about 14 years.

I mean take Labour under Tony Blair, but at the end of his tenure we could take no more.

I'm not a fan of many of the Labour Party policies, like VAT on independent schools, which I believe hasn't been thought through. I suspect an impact assessment will show it will cause more harm than good or bring forward green policies.

But I am a fan of stable government and if Sir Keir Starmer can achieve this, then even those who didn't vote for him, which is 80 per cent of the electorate, will be thankful for at least that.

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