Michael Mosley was a great doctor, a great broadcaster, a great man and his death is a huge loss, says Mark Dolan

Michael Mosley was a great doctor, a great broadcaster, a great man and his death is a huge loss, says Mark Dolan

WATCH NOW: Mark Dolan offers emotional tribute to TV doctor Michael Mosley

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 10/06/2024

- 13:15

'I predict that his book sales will now go through the roof, meaning that many future lives will be saved as well'

The devastating news of BBC star and celebrity doctor Michael Mosley's death is a tragedy for his family and loved ones.

My heart goes out to them, his four children and his amazing wife Claire. There are no words for this loss, the untimely passing of a fit, healthy and vibrant man.

I had the privilege of interviewing Michael Mosley on my old TalkRadio show, and he spoke with good humour, wit and knowledge. He was a great doctor, a great broadcaster and a great man.

And this is a huge loss to more than just his loved ones. Michael Mosley, in my view, was single handedly the most important figure in the debate around nutrition in this country.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan pays tribute to TV doctor Michael Mosley

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He was ahead of the curve on the low carbohydrate diet, intermittent fasting, the importance of good sleep, sunshine, gut health, correct breathing and focused high intensity exercise.

He was a walking example of his own philosophy, having reversed his diabetes, something which he inherited from his own father, and he reduced his waistline as a result.

Michael Mosley was behind the famous five two diet, where you eat normally for five days and have a much smaller food intake the other two.

Whilst the five two diet put his name on the map, it was his later books, including The Fast 800 keto, in which he struck gold for millions of people. Now, the fast 800 keto is a method that I adopted and it helped me lose around three stone. Can you believe it? And Ex-labour MP Tom Watson lost seven stone. That's right, he lost seven stone. Again thanks to Michael's method.

It's so incredibly sad that Michael is no longer here to convey his transformative health message, but let me use this platform to do it right now.

So how do you lose weight? Reverse your type two diabetes and be the person you want to be? Well, according to Mosley, whose approach was rooted in science and evidence based medicine. You do the following.

You get processed carbohydrates as close to zero as possible - bread, biscuits, pasta, rice, potatoes, beer and sugar. Sorry folks, all the nice stuff you eat in as short a time frame as possible. So-called intermittent fasting. For most people, eating all of your food in an eight hour window, for example, let's say between midday and 8 p.m.. This allows the body the other 16 hours when you're not eating to digest the food and release energy from stored body fat. In other words, you get yourself nice and slim.

And Mosley recommended so-called hit exercise short sprints rather than a casual jog in the park, an intense go on the bicycle on a hill rather than a casual cycle in town or lifting heavy weights. Slowly intense exercise, which he argued, gives you more metabolic bang for your buck..

Now, I'm not a doctor, obviously, and if you change your diet or exercise routine, you must consult your GP. None of this is advice. Do your research and speak to the people that know. But it's my personal view that frankly, it's telling. And it's very, very sort of unsurprising that some of the medical establishment strongly disagree with what Mosley had to say in spite of his success.

Like all revolutionaries and innovators, Michael Mosley faced enormous pushback. And in fact, Mosley's dietary approach directly contradicts the NHS official Eat Well guide, which encourages the consumption of carbohydrates and industrially produced vegetable oils as part of a so-called balanced diet.

This is NHS advice which has seen people get fatter, not thinner, and type two diabetes explode. NHS advice, which has told patients that type two diabetes is incurable, that it's a chronic condition which will only get worse and requires a lifetime of medication. Well, Mosley's millions of fans around the world would beg to differ, with countless individuals telling their stories of reversing their type two diabetes by eating in a smaller time window, by doing efficient, intense exercise, and by cutting those carbs, putting paid to the myth that it's all about calorie counting.

So here's the science bit, which of course, Michael did so well, Michael Mosley explained on his TV shows and in his books that insulin is the main fat storage hormone of the body. When insulin is high, you store fats on your belly, your bum, and everywhere else when insulin is low. You burn it, it just melts away. Starchy food and processed carbohydrates spike insulin, which sees blood glucose converted into fats. Mosley argued that a diet comprised of healthy protein like fish, eggs, meat and poultry, as well as green vegetables, salad, berries and healthy natural fats like extra virgin olive oil, will likely see the diabetes that you're suffering enter into retreat. Energy levels increase, hunger disappear, and the waistline shrink.

This is a method successfully rolled out by the inspirational NHS, GP and another regular on this show, Doctor David Unwin, who has achieved similar transformative results for his patients with the same method

Michael Mosley was successful because his approach worked for so many people. He changed and improved lives. I predict that his book sales will now go through the roof, meaning that many future lives will be saved as well. Maybe yours. The fast 800 keto book will, in my view, become a health Bible in the years ahead. I certainly hope so.

Elvis Presley left us, but the music remains. And Michael Mosley was a total rock star himself in the medical field. He has tragically died, but his legacy lives on. The man is a hero and the passing of this expert on nutrition is hard to swallow.

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