Mark Dolan: I think the UK Government will U-turn on mandatory NHS vaccines

Mark Dolan: I think the UK Government will U-turn on mandatory NHS vaccines
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 22/01/2022

- 21:52

'It will be an act of suicide to sack tens of thousands of excellent frontline workers, who we applauded for months, from this already overstretched and overburdened health service.'

Look, I am pro vaccine. If you are overweight, old or have serious health ailments, you'd be mad not to have it.

And poor old Boris Johnson would likely have avoided intensive care and such a terrifying brush with death, if the vaccine had been available at that time.

And in the early stages of the pandemic, with hospitalisations worryingly high, I don't know anyone that didn't have every set of fingers crossed, that a vaccine would become available. We need this vaccine, just as the flu jab has its place as well.

The problem is that the purpose of the vaccine appears to have gradually changed since its welcome arrival all those months ago. The then Health secretary,

The government’s chipolata-smuggler in chief, CCTV sex bomb Matt Hancock said at the time that the focus was to get the most vulnerable groups vaccinated and we could get on with our lives. 15 million jabs to freedom. Remember that?

15 million jab to freedom, which is now up there with George Bush senior, who famously said “read my lips, no new taxes”. Months later, taxes increased.

The vaccine, like masks and other Covid measures seems to have morphed from being a helpful tool with which to handle this virus, to another mechanism of control.

Suddenly everyone's got to have the jab. The bullying mandate-culture that we've seen with lockdowns and face coverings has now extended to a needle in your arm.

Our care home workers have been fired for not having a jab, even if they've had Covid and boast robust immunity and with healthcare workers threatened with the sack in April, including Dr Steve James who this week appeared on GB News.

Threatening the sack for non compliance is forced vaccination in all but name. And the same goes for companies who are depriving unvaccinated workers of sick pay if they are forced to self isolate with a positive test.

Once again it's rules from on high dictating to people, bullying people and controlling them. The vaccine is great. But the vaccine is not good enough and the virus is not bad enough to justify this tyranny.

The idea that everyone in hospital or seriously ill with Covid is unvaccinated has been debunked, even though many media networks have perpetuated that lie.

Let me level with you, even though hospitals are chock-full with fully vaccinated people, as well as unvaccinated, if members of the unvaccinated population do wind up in hospital, that's a price you pay for a free society.

Just like people who eat fast food, drink too much and smoke, also take up hospital beds, because of a lifestyle choice they make. All of it is the price you pay to live in a free country.

Now I'm not going to get into a debate about vaccine risks, but clearly no medical intervention is without potential side-effects. Why else is the AstraZeneca vaccine, which I've had, not available to the under 30s. And why is the Danish Health Agency suspending administration of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for people under 18 years of age, and why are Sweden doing the same for people under 30.

Whatever way you look at it, as there are inevitable risks, even if small, that's why the job has to be personal choice.

So whether it's lockdowns, face coverings or the vaccine, the public need just three things. Three things they should’ve had from the start.

Information about the threat of the virus. Information about the possible measures with which to deal with it and the freedom to choose. And we need the full, transparent facts about the vaccine and its potential risks, without labelling anyone antivaxx.

I'm triple jabbed, so good luck pinning that label on me. I'll give my honest view, I think the vaccine has been mis-sold and oversold.

Great though it is for severe illness and death, it doesn't stop transmission, it doesn't stop hospitalisations and it hasn't delivered the freedoms we were promised. And I just don't understand this obsession with getting everyone jabbed.

Why are we vaccinating healthy 12 to 16-year-olds for example? I agree with the JCVI, the government's vaccine body who advised against it. And I hope you're not going to call the JCVI anti-vaxxer.

I agree with the European medicines agency who have warned against endless booster top ups. And hilariously, they were censored by Twitter for their pleasure.

The European medicines agency, you couldn't make it up.

And again this is just a personal view and I'm no scientist, is it biologically wise rolling out vaccines for some portions of the population that don't statistically require it? Do you give medicine to people that don’t need it?

Particularly, given the compelling case for natural immunity from infection and the mildness of omicron. Even the original alpha variant, and Delta, were in relative terms mild themselves.

A third, don't forget, had no symptoms at all. I don't know. You tell me.

In the end, I think there will be a U-turn on mandating vaccines in the NHS, because it will be an act of suicide to sack tens of thousands of excellent frontline workers, who we applauded for months, from this already overstretched and overburdened health service.

I think in time you will see a rowing back from this mandate culture.

And if not, I believe the people will ultimately reject it anyway. Personal choice will be the abiding theme. Just as it used to be, before the world went mad.

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