Time to wake up! Starmer will bring unlimited migration, wokery and high taxes, blasts David Morris MP


Keir Starmer could be the next PM - but what does a Labour world look like

David Morris MP

By David Morris MP

Published: 12/03/2024

- 17:09

Tory MP David Morris looks at the world under a Labour government

If you vote Conservative and you think for whatever reason you’re not going to vote at the General Election, it’s time to wake up. If you want higher taxes, unlimited illegal Immigration and wokery for the sake of it, 16-year-olds voting and the Unions running the Country…just stay at home.

A recent report given to me by the impartial House of Commons Library state that a report by Labour's paymasters Unite union, estimates that it would cost between £90 billion and £196 billion to renationalise the energy sector. Another words it’s just made up.

The same report estimates that nationalising just energy suppliers would cost £3.5 billion, which in contrast compares to a Trades Union Congress (TUC) estimate of £2.85 billion. In plain, english to be paid for by you in huge tax rises whatever un costed figure they pluck out of thin air.

Labour whose paymasters are the Unions and Unite being just one of them, want to create the “Great British Energy Company” by nationalisation of the energy sector. They want to windfall tax the energy companies, but nationalise them at the same time! What does that mean?

Quite simply state control and union profits and higher taxes for everyone and drive down wages in our energy sector as it will be profit less. Not good for my constituents in Morecambe and Lunesdale where most of the countries energy is produced with two nuclear power stations and the largest offshore windfarm in Europe.

Name me one Labour policy that’s current or not been dropped. Starmer admitted on the friendly BBC he has not got a plan. The £28billion has been dropped for their green tax that Starmer claimed was for our own good, just as he claimed that oil and gas’s production will cease in Scotland making us more dependant on Eastern Europe and Russia.

Immigration, do you remember Jack Straws amnesty to illegal immigrants in the last Labour Government? If you don’t you won’t remember the second one either. There were thousands illegal immigrant’s given a free pass to become UK citizens that were already here. Starmer claims to have changed Labour but has he…

Keir Starmer has shown time after time that his Labour Party will not take the tough, long-term choices needed to Stop the Boats but put us back in the EU by stealth. Sir Keir’s latest pledge confirms that under Labour’s short-term approach Britain will be forced to take more than 100,000 illegal migrants every year from the safety of Europe – disregarding the priority of the British people to cut numbers and stop the boats.

For all their political stunts, Labour remains the party of unlimited and uncontrolled immigration.

The figures of immigration are recently higher due to the Great British people doing the right thing and opening our homes to Ukrainian refugees. This is not being covered in the free press. We also help them stand up to Russian oppression. Would Starmer's Labour do this? I will let you decide.

While this Government is getting on with stopping the boats, and facing off the organised crime and leftie lawyers that Starmer is one and is sustaining this problem, Keir Starmer's answer is predictable, surrendering our borders back to the EU?! That’s not what we voted for.

It’s been widely reported in the press that Labour claim erroneously to have a plan to stop illegal Immigration. Their proposals look a lot like Sir Keir's grand plan is simply to make illegal migration legal by amalgamating the UK back into the EU by stealth by becoming an associate member of the EU giving away the Brexit vote.

It comes as no surprise as both recent Labour leaders along with many in Labour, have gone on record countless times that we should stay in the EU and fought against it which is not what the British people voted for.

With a Labour Government you will get a second referendum for sure as there’s no respect for the first. Brexit will be at threat of being undone and put the country back decades.

Our economy is doing well. We are growing faster than the big players in the EU thanks to Brexit and it’s a Conservative Government that is achieving this.

Labour always bankrupt the economy and country and they have not learned from the financial crash of 2007 when in 2010 on the arrival of David Cameron’s government Liam Byrne left a stupid note, boasting there was no money left.

It’s really inconceivable that watering down the Tory vote to other political parties or staying at home will stop Labour. It won’t. It will let them in. The UK is punching above our weight on the world stage.

Don’t let Labour bias news outlets drip poison in your ear. You all watch the ‘peoples channel’ and if you do, be the people and don’t stay at home, don’t protest vote and back Sunak's Conservatives. Any other option lets Labour in.

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