Britain is becoming cashless. And that's a very dangerous prospect, says Patrick Christys

Britain is becoming cashless. And that's a very dangerous prospect, says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys explains exactly why GB News viewers should back our GB News campaign

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Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 03/07/2023

- 16:25

Updated: 04/07/2023

- 07:59

GB News has launched the Don't Kill Cash campaign to stand up against tyranny and stand up for the vulnerable

A very, very dangerous thing is happening in Britain. We are being turned into a cashless society.

Ask yourselves this: Who does a cashless society benefit? Big business, big corporations, big banks, fraudsters, totalitarian regimes. It gives total control to all the wrong people and leaves you totally at their mercy.


That is why GB News is launching its Don’t Kill Cash campaign. We want to stand up against tyranny and stand up for the vulnerable.

We are witnessing right now that banks will close the accounts of people who go against the establishment agenda. Just look at what’s happening to Nigel Farage and a whole host of other anti-establishment figures who are coming out of the woodwork.

Nigel Farage speaking at the CPAC in the U.S.

Nigel Farage has seen his bank account threatened with closure

Nathan Howard

We’ve seen government’s freeze peoples assets if they went against the lockdown nonsense. We’ve seen companies like PayPal do the same.

How long will it be before people get their assets frozen because they don’t go along with the LGBTQ+ agenda? Or if they say the ‘wrong thing’ about mass immigration?

We are hurtling towards a Chinese-style social credit system whereby good citizens are allowed to receive money and bad ones have it taken off them. It quite literally buys compliance, it buys silence, it buys obedience, it buys…control.

I don’t want to live in a society where you’re one wrong word away from being bankrupt. And I dare say you don’t either.

But this campaign isn’t just about stopping the asphyxiating hand of totalitarian tyranny, it’s also about standing up for the rights of the marginalised.

Cash is a lifeline for the elderly. Many older people struggle with online banking.

For a lot of elderly people who can still drive they rely on being able to park their car up in a town centre and going for a little walk to keep themselves stimulated and meet people. But now parking meters are going fully cashless. This means grandma’s and grandad’s around the country will have to try to use phone apps to pay online and that is completely unfair. It will trap them in their own homes and make them feel less of a part of society than many of them already do.

We should be enabling the elderly, not shunning them.

What about people in rural communities with poor broadband or mobile connectivity? Cash can keep struggling rural communities going, the cogs of the local economy turning, and going digital will put a big spoke in the wheel.

What about the homeless? They survive on people walking past and giving them a bit of spare change, maybe even a note if they’re lucky. If we’re all walking around with digital wallets then what happens to them? Do they just starve or freeze on the streets?

Car parks have started to refuse cash


Also, think about this: If all of your currency is online, that is a complete gift for online fraudsters. You might wake up one morning and someone’s completely cleaned you out and you haven’t got any cash to fall back on…what do you do? You’re screwed.

GB News’ Don’t Kill Cash campaign is calling on the Government to introduce legislation committing to protect the status of cash as legal tender and as a widely accepted means of payment in the UK until at least 2050.

But in order to speak up for you, we do need your help. Sign up and register with our petition.

If any of the different dangers of a cashless society that I’ve just mentioned concern you, and I’m sure many of you will be able to think of other negatives as well, then let’s fight back.

Our leaders need to know the people have spoken, and the people are shouting: Don’t Kill Cash.

You can help GB News in ensuring the Government and businesses Don't Kill Cash by signing our petition.

Have you found yourself impacted by the cashless society? Email in and let us know your stories

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