Brit who transitioned to Korean calls on 'woke mob' to stop attacking them online

Brit who transitioned to Korean calls on 'woke mob' to stop attacking them online
Charlie Bayliss

By Charlie Bayliss

Published: 02/07/2021

- 05:00

Updated: 02/07/2021

- 05:01

Oli London, who was born in Britain and has no Korean ancestry, has undergone 18 surgical procedures to look more Korean

A British influencer who has undergone surgery to "transition to Korean" has called on the "woke mob" to stop attacking them online.

Oli London, a 31-year-old originally from London, spoke to Dan Wootton about their 18 surgical procedures to look more Korean.

The influencer has based his looks on Jimin, a South Korean singer in the boyband BTS, and has even adopted Jimin as his Korean name.

"He's the original, I feel like his twin. I feel like he'd be very honoured," he said.

"I just feel, hypothetically Korean. My blood is British, but I just feel so attached to that culture.

"I'm absolutely in love with Korea. My whole life revolves around Korea and Korean culture. I have the look now. I just feel more Korean.

"These days I just feel there are so many ways of identifying. Some people identify as Disney princesses or aliens, so why can't I identify as Korean?"


London called out the "woke mob" on social media who have criticised them for transitioning, adding they were not practicing what they preached when it comes to mental health and happiness.

"The woke mob on Twitter have been attacking me online non-stop, preaching about 'don't bully people online, look after mental health', yet here they are, the same people attacking me online."

London transitioned to Korean after falling in love with the culture, having lived in the country for eight years.

"I've never been happy with who I am. My looks, my self-appearance. It wasn't until I went to Korea where I became happy," London said.

"I know people don't accept me, I'm not asking people to accept me, but I'm just asking the woke mob to stop attacking me."

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