A strong Brexit Britain is an inconvenient truth the Left don't want you to know, says Frederick Chedham

Brexit celebrators in Glasgow
Britain's economy has unquestionably benefited from Brexit
Frederick Chedham

By Frederick Chedham

Published: 12/04/2024

- 14:00

Frederick Chedham has delivered his verdict on sneering middle-class Lefties in this exclusive members-only opinion

In a world where it's fashionable to sneer at Britain's accomplishments, where our flag is viewed with disdain and our successes belittled, there are no shortage of middle-class lefties with posh accents and a globalist agenda who want to take a swipe at Britain. David Miliband, the former Foreign Secretary, joined the chorus this week, peddling the usual brand of anti-Brexit balderdash. According to him, Brexit's turned Britain into some second-rate has-been on the world stage.

But let's not swallow this hogwash without a pinch of salt, shall we? Miliband, snug in his cushy international gig, spouts fashionable globalist orthodoxy from his ivory tower.

But let's be real here. Brexit hasn't knocked Britain off its perch. We're still top dogs in the UNSC and NATO, flexing our muscles and providing leadership that’s respected and admired. And even the UN despite their regular snide reports against our laws or systems haven’t been returning our contributions, which oh by the way, make us the second largest contributor to that organisation. Brexit has not resulted in being demoted in any of the world organisations to which we give leadership, resources and expertise. OSCE, OCED, WHO, WTO, G7, G20, the list goes on and on.

So, if Brexit hasn’t diminished our participation has it affected our global influence? Without Britain's diplomacy and military capability, Putin would be planting flags left, right, and centre, the white-hot fury of Israel might be less inclined to show restraint and Iran would not be brooding fearfully in the shadows, while China would have completely trampled over democracy in Hong Kong, and let’s not forget that free from the collective politics of the EU the UK was first to a Covid-19 vaccine programme that others struggled to match and looked at with envy.

Brexit hasn't weakened us; it's unleashing our potential. We're forging new alliances, sealing game-changing deals, and showing the EU who's boss. AUKUS, CPTTP—these aren’t just acronyms, reader, they're our tickets to the top of world influence instead of being buried in EU mediocrity.

AUKUS, strengthens our military and intelligence alliances, extending our reach and building on the success of the incredible Five-Eyes Intelligence sharing programme. While others timidly watch, we take a stand against China's dominance, the Five Power Defence Arrangements look set to grow and will extend British influence while recent bilateral arrangements forge new partnerships with countries in Southeast Asia. CPTTP is a trade game-changer, positioning us at the forefront of global commerce, a trade alliance that will at some point eclipse the protectionist EU. And it is oh so sweet to see the return of trade partnerships with friends from the Commonwealth, partnerships that were cruelly and stupidly cut due to EU membership. If you need more proof that Brexit hasn't knocked us off our perch, just look at London. It's still despite the gloom of anti-Brexit predictions the beating heart of global finance, close to knocking New York off the top perch. And check this out: the UK's now the fourth-largest export nation on the planet. So much for decline, eh?

So, what's Miliband on about? Britain hasn't lost its mojo—its global influence is thriving. Freed from EU shackles, the national instruments of power, diplomatic, informational, military, and economic might are being leveraged like never before. Despite the scoffs of Brexit cynics, the truth is clear: Britain stands as a global powerhouse across all fronts and by many who actually understand strategic influence the country is measured to be the second most powerful nation in the world.

Of course, this truth is inconvenient for those on the left who'd rather disparage our flag than celebrate our achievements. And as for Miliband? when he and his cronies peddle their anti-Brexit drivel, don't buy it. Let's be clear: the ordinary Brit knows Miliband is talking rot. His public negativity may be a globalist job interview designed to land him a plush UN gig, but it won't dampen our spirit or diminish our resolve. Britain, against all the negativity and Brexit sulking, stands tall and is beginning to shine brighter on the world stage.

Frederick Chedham is the Reform Party UK Defence and Security spokesperson. He is a former military officer with service around the globe.

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