'Angela Rayner is chipping away at Labour's credibility,' says Mark Dolan

'Angela Rayner is chipping away at Labour's credibility,' says Mark Dolan
'Angela Rayner chipping away at Labour's credibility,' claims Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 15/04/2024

- 08:42

Updated: 15/04/2024

- 09:07

Greater Manchester Police has launched an investigation into Labour's deputy leader after she was accused of breaking electoral law

Poor Angela Rayner, she used to be so talkative! If politicians were in hot water, like Boris Johnson and partygate, she was out of the traps like an eager greyhound chasing the stuffed rabbit of a political scandal.

She's always going around talking about her working class credentials, even though a leading commentator on this very show last night - Dr Lisa McKenzie – begs to differ.

Angela loves teasing colleagues about how she used to distract Boris Johnson, by crossing her legs provocatively at Prime Minister Questions, revealing what she has allegedly described as a ginger growler. And this most vocal of politicians made no apologies for calling her Conservative opponents scum.

So in the end, this lively and compelling political figure who I've always liked, is never backwards about coming forwards. But for weeks now, the ginger growler, has lost her bark. Perhaps she was hoping that the political drama around whether or not she lived at one address or another 10 years ago, would quietly go away. Wishful thinking is a meagre currency in the world of politics.

Now we don't get need to get into the details of this story, and whether Rainer owes capital gains tax or not, she is very clear she has done nothing wrong and there is a police investigation ongoing. The truth will out, and justice needs its due process.

But this investigation could take months, which is a political headache for Rayner’s boss Sir Keir Starmer.

It’s my view that following wrong positions on Brexit, lockdowns, trans rights, his support for Jeremy Corbyn, energy security and his aborted green revolution, Sir Keir Starmer is a man of extremely poor political judgement. I think you’ll see it when he inevitably becomes Prime Minister.

And in his steadfast support for Rayner, he may once again pay the price. Not because she is guilty or not guilty, but because so many questions remain unanswered.

Angela Rayner has made it clear that she has legal advice confirming she acted properly. But she hasn't shown that legal advice to Starmer. And he hasn't asked to see it.

I'm so confused. First of all as Labour leader, he would surely be interested in seeing it, and also there’s the small matter of the fact that he is a former top lawyer. Let's not forget, this guy is a stuck record reminding us of his glorious time as director of public prosecutions.

Angela Rayner Angela Rayner has denied the allegations PA

Made a few howlers whilst in post too, but that's for another day. Every day, the Rayner plot thickens. This drama is lengthier than the film Oppenheimer and with just as many explosions.

Afterall, The Mail on Sunday yesterday reported that her former chief advisor Matt Finnegan, has given a statement to Greater Manchester police effectively calling her a liar. He told the force that her actual home was with her then husband, not at the former council house where she was registered on the electoral role.

Now this could be right, this could be wrong. Angela Rayner could be as innocent as they come, and as pure as the driven snow. But the double standards at play here are beyond reasonable doubt.

If the high heel was on the other foot, Angela Rayner would be calling for her opposite number to step down, and it's my view that a Conservative minister under similar circumstances, would be long gone.

But of course fence-sitter-in-chief Starmer doesn't want to rock the boat with different factions in his own party.

He's already got into enough trouble with his stance on Israel and his efforts to modernise the party and adopt a Blairite agenda.

But this is a damaging drama, that chips away at the credibility of the people who will likely form our next government.

Angela Rayner remains in post for now, but with more unanswered questions than a game of trivial pursuit.

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