South China sea warning: Former Navy Seal Erik Prince predicts China will ‘take Taiwan in spring 2024’

South China sea warning: Former Navy Seal Erik Prince predicts China will ‘take Taiwan in spring 2024’

Former Navy Seak predicts that China will 'take Taiwan in spring'

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 29/12/2023

- 12:50

Updated: 29/12/2023

- 15:59

A former Navy Seal warns of the tensions rising between US and China

A former Navy Seal has warned that China will "take Taiwan in spring 2024."

This comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly told President Joe Biden during their recent summit that Beijing will reunify Taiwan with mainland China.

NBC reported that Chinese officials asked in advance of the summit that Biden make a public statement after the meeting saying that the USA supports China’s goal of peaceful unification with Taiwan but the White House declined the request.

Because of Taiwan's military disadvantages and low durability, successfully withstanding a large-scale Chinese attack would require military intervention by the United States.

President Biden and President Xi

President Xi reportedly warned Biden he will be taking Taiwan


Even though the Chinese president claimed a time frame had not yet been set for China to take Taiwan, a former Navy Seal told GBNews that he predicts it to happen in the spring of this year.

Erik Prince said that due to the weather conditions he expects Taiwan to be taken in May or June 2024.

He said: "It seems like as an American we're in a second version of the Carter administration from 77 through 1980.

"The foreign policy setbacks that we're experiencing are are often and increasing in occurrence."

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Erik Prince

Erik Prince warned that China may take Taiwan in spring 2024

GB America

Prince added: "The weather window if they are going to do something by force in Taiwan opens around May or June because during most of the months of the year, it's too windy.

"If they are going to take Taiwan by force I would predict that they are going to do something this spring."

Later in the chat the podcast host explained that he believes that Trump was "absolutely right" when when he complained about NATO "not paying their share."

He said: "President Trump was right to complain about NATO not paying their share. I think it's only five or six of the 28 countries that are members that still pay 2 per cent of their GDP in defense.


According to reports Biden was warned at the summit in San Francisco


"Germany still vastly underfunds their military. Less than half of their tanks are functional.

"A huge amount of defense stocks have been transferred from those NATO countries to Ukraine and have been consumed in the battlefield.

"They haven't been replaced yet and so Europe has a bit of a wake up call. They need to crank up that industrial base

"Otherwise they're going to find there's not the supply they need when they need it."

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