Elon Musk explains how 'woke virus' infecting his trans daughter led to Twitter purchase

Elon Musk

Musk bought Twitter last year, and has since rebranded it to X

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 05/09/2023

- 09:03

Updated: 06/09/2023

- 09:27

His daughter, who now identifiesas a communist, has cut ties with her billionaire father

Elon Musk has said that he decided to buy Twitter after he feared that his daughter had been exposed to a “woke mind virus” on the platform.

The owner of the social media platform, which has been renamed as X, believed that his daughter had been exposed to radical ideas at her £39,500 a year school in California.

“She went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil,” Musk said.

Musk’s daughter, Jenna, 19, cut all ties with their father after transitioning to a female.

Musk's profile on X

​The SpaceX billionaire believes woke views had infiltrated the platform, so he decided to buy it


The billionaire “partly” blames the Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences for his daughter’s change in attitude towards him.

Musk believed that the same radical mentality fostered at his daughter’s school was also present on Twitter, leading to his decision to buy the platform.

In an interview with Walter Isaacson for his upcoming biography, Musk said that the mindset that had infected his daughter, was also present on Twitter and was suppressing right-wing views.

“Unless the woke mind virus, which is fundamentally anti-science, anti-merit, and anti-human in general, is stopped, civilisation will never become multi-planetary,” he said he in the interview.

According to the book, Musk initially embraced Jenna, formally known as Xavier, when they came out at transgender at the age of 16.

However, he soon became disillusioned with his child's liberal education, and Jenna later cut ties with Musk.

In 2020, Musk tweeted: “I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare."

In a separate message on the platform, he added: "Pronouns suck."

Excerpts of the book will be published this week in the Wall Street Journal and will reveal how Musk successfully purchased the social media giant.

Musk spoke about the importance of the name ‘X’ to him, a name which he has been championing for years.

Elon Musk's poll on Twitter, asking whether he should step down as head of the platform or not

Musk said in an interview that woke views were suppressing right-wing voices on the app


20 years ago, the Space X billionaire, launched X.com, which he labelled an “everything app”.

Musk was also keen to call his online payments company, PayPal, X.com.

“If you want to just be a niche player, PayPal is a better name, But if you want to take over the world’s financial system, then X is the better name,” he said recently.

However, his colleagues were less enthusiastic, thinking X.com sounded like a seedy site for adult services.

Despite his successes with PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla, Musk still wanted to explore different business ventures and decided to buy the site.

Since the purchase, Musk quickly reinstated the former banned accounts of Donald Trump and Kayne West. However, both accounts have since been suspended once more.

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