WATCH: “We’ve got to go!” GB News reporter rushes for cover as warning alarms raised in Tel Aviv

WATCH: “We’ve got to go!” GB News reporter rushes for cover as warning alarms raised in Tel Aviv

Charlie Peters runs for shelter after alarm raised over possible attack in Tel Aviv

Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 12/10/2023

- 14:31

Updated: 12/10/2023

- 14:32

Reporter Charlie Peters and his crew ran to safety amid reports of 'incoming fire'

In a terrifying moment of war reporting, GB News’ Charlie Peters was forced to run for cover moments before going on-air from Tel Aviv.

Charlie, who serves as GB News’ Investigates Reporter, was preparing to report on the situation in Israel, amid hostility from terrorist group Hamas, when an alarm was raised about a possible imminent attack.

Charlie quickly made the decision to heed the warning and get himself and the GB News camera crew to safety, saying: “We’ve got to go. We’re going!”.

Choosing to leave the camera running, Charlie and the crew packed up their equipment as shouts rang out from locals.

Charlie Peters in Tel Aviv

Charlie Peters receives word of 'incoming fire' in Tel Aviv

GB News

In the tense footage, Charlie can be seen racing towards the cover of a nearby underground car park, along with a large number of civilians.

Speaking on-air about the incident shortly after, Charlie said: “We've just had to be taking shelter here in the basement underneath, where volunteers are working the scene behind me.”

“It was frantic. We were just called in before we were meant to go live to you to run into the basement after reports of incoming indirect fire, likely rockets from the Gaza Strip.”

“Obviously that's unconfirmed right now. These likely rocket attacks coming in the last two or three minutes are almost certainly connected to attacks that we have seen reported in the last hour.”


Charlie Peters and crew run to safety

Charlie Peters and his crew run to the cover of an underground car park

GB News

Now in protective gear, Charlie laid out the situation in Israel while concerned civilians waited on confirmation of what was going on.

“Across the northern regions, Lebanese Hezbollah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have almost certainly launched drone attacks and terrorist infiltration of the northern border.”

“The scene here obviously is, well… they're used to it here. We're not. They're going to get a briefing soon, I imagine, on the situation. But this is just another day in Israel for people who've been raised here over the years.”

“Having said that, this situation is unprecedented. This is the worst violence they've seen here in 50 years and there are great concerns about what might happen next.”

Charlie Peters in protective gear

Charlie Peters reports from an underground car park in Tel Aviv

GB News

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Charlie did offer some hope amongst the horror, describing the humanitarian effort taking place to help civilians and soldiers.

“Everybody here has been working throughout the day to supply civilians and soldiers with the stuff they need. They have been working. We've seen it.”

“Thousands of people coming through. This basement here about an hour ago was a drive through. People would come in with trucks, they would unload them with supplies, new supplies would go in and then they would depart heading to the north or heading to the South.”

Even after the danger passed Charlie had to remain on his toes, signing off his live report saying: “I think the briefing is going on now. I should probably go and pay attention to that. Back to you Patrick”

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