West Yorkshire residents left ‘fearing for their lives’ as infected trees given ‘more rights than human beings’

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Published: 27/03/2023

- 10:39

Updated: 27/03/2023

- 10:40

Home owners Brian and Sue Dickerson have been left “fearing for their lives” as a result of the sycamore trees that border their home in Baildon, West Yorkshire.

The trees have a fungal infection and are at risk of breaking apart and falling onto their property.

A tree preservation order means that they need permission from the local council to cut them down but this has not been approved, despite offering to pay for the operation.

“If they fall, it would kill us. It's so close to the the house, the trees are so tall. I don't think there's so much chance really, but I mean hopefully that won't happen,” Sue said.

“But because this tree's got a fungal disease and there was a tree fell literally three trees above us. You know, that was felt because it was dangerous. It was deemed to be a dangerous tree that could collapse at any time.

“This one's now got a fungal disease and and we actually scared stiff because that could happen. The same with this one.”

Another Baildon resident, Andrew Stukalo urged the council to do more to protect residents in the area.

He said: “Just maintain them, trim them, that's it. When we've spoken to the Council, it's more a case of the trees have got more rights than human beings!

Watch Anna Riley’s full story above.

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