BBC’s comments show the reason why GB News was established, says Farage

BBC’s comments show the reason why GB News was established, says Farage
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 28/05/2024

- 20:31

Nigel Farage says the comments by BBC presenter Geeta Guru-Murthy where she referred to a speech in Dover as including ‘customary inflammatory comments’ exposed ‘sheer prejudice and bias’ in the BBC.

Speaking on GB News Nigel Farage said: “All [Geeta Guru-Murthy] did was just expose the sheer prejudice and bias that exists within the BBC. What was interesting was I’ve never seen the BBC in my life apologise that quickly.

“But last year they fought me for five days over the debanking row and I battered them and in the end, they had to give in.

“So they realise that I can be a very nice friend but I tell you what, I’m a horrid enemy.

“I accept [the apology], I’m happy with it, thank you very much. It’s just the fact that the very comment began ‘customary’. ‘Customary inflammatory comments’. That said absolutely everything about the BBC and really, it said why GB News was formed three years ago.

“I have said before, having met face to face with these young men in English Channel, how aggressive many of them are. But I didn't say that today; I quoted an EU luvvie, the former boss of the European Council Donald Tusk. But clearly if it comes from me and context gets lost entirely.”

Discussing the comments made by Angela Rayner in a meeting with Muslim leaders, he said:

“Well, there she is, begging, literally begging the Muslim elders to say, ‘Please don't vote for George Galloway. Please vote for me. We'll be as nasty as Israel as we possibly can be. We'll back ICCs call for Netenyahu to be arraigned as a war criminal.

“How many women in the room? None. And my point is this, surely modern day British values mean that women are equal, at least I thought they did. No longer, no longer, not with this new form of sectarian politics that excludes women completely.

“And what it goes to show the extent to which mass immigration, lack of integration has changed British society. Now, some people may think that's fine. I don't. I’m deeply uncomfortable with it. I must say, what happened recently in the local elections, when you've had councillors being elected in Leeds and Bradford and Burnley and elsewhere coming out of the count screaming, Alluha Akbar, or, ‘we're coming to get you’, there is a problem.

“And the problem is with 18 to 24 year old young Muslims in Britain, nearly a quarter of whom support jihad. These are not British values, and all I've done over the last few days is say, Can we please have a grown up debate?

“Let's be clear, the vast majority of British Muslims are doing well. They're getting qualified, having jobs, paying taxes. They want their kids to do well. Actually, this growth of extremism amongst Muslim youth, this radicalisation, particularly since the events of October 7th in Gaza (sic), is a bigger threat to them than to you or I living our lives.

“What's been so fascinating is to see an attempt by most mainstream media to close down this debate. We should be talking about this. If we have a growing band of young Muslim men and women, men mostly, in this country, who despise everything we stand for, I think that is a problem.”


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