US supermodel CANCELLED over right-wing views breaks silence: 'These people are vicious. They DESTROY you!'

US supermodel CANCELLED over right-wing views breaks silence: 'These people are vicious. They DESTROY you!'

Miami model Jason Morgan was cancelled for his views

Adam Edwards

By Adam Edwards

Published: 26/03/2024

- 17:50

Updated: 28/03/2024

- 20:40

Miami model Jason Morgan speaks to Adam Edwards about how he found himself being cast out by the casting agents for going against the liberal consensus on Trump, lockdowns and the culture wars

As fan-mail goes, "Jason Morgan is dead to us," may not be great, but at least it is printable.

The same cannot be said for most of the angry comments left by the model’s former followers. The majority are peppered with expletives at discovering their idol’s apparent political persuasion. Many wish death upon the long-term ambassador and face of Armani’s Acqua di Gio cologne. One is even darker, hissing: "It would be a shame if he were to get brutally gang raped...on his way home from a Trump rally."

Though disturbing, such comments will not shock anyone familiar with US politics – and the tribal passions it can unleash.

No one knows this more than Jason Morgan. In an industry dominated by women, the 44-year-old runway veteran was one of the few men besides Britain’s David Gandy who could come even close to being described as a ‘supermodel’ until a few years ago.

Staring out from the front cover of international editions of GQ, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and Elle Men, and fronting campaigns for everyone from Ralph Lauren to Emporio Armani Underwear, his life was a continent-hopping flit between catwalk shows and Veuve Clicquot-soaked parties in New York, Paris and Rio.

All that changed in early March 2020, however, when the Miami-based pin-up posted a picture with the then-Fox News frontman Tucker Carlson. It proved to be an almost career-ending move for the former Vogue model, who Leonardo DiCaprio once comically had turfed out of a club’s VIP area because of the threat he might pose to his womanising.

Jason Morgan and Tucker Carlson

Jason Morgan was cancelled after being pictured with Tucker Carlson

Carlson – who made international headlines in February after becoming the first Western journalist to interview President Putin since the invasion of Ukraine – is widely reviled by America’s liberal elite for his perceived role in helping propel Donald Trump to the White House.

But, as if being photographed with America’s answer to, say, Brexit architect Nigel Farage wasn’t career suicide enough for someone who works in the Democrat-dominated fashion industry, the incident took place at Trump’s gilded Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, with the former president very much in attendance – as evidenced by Morgan’s follow-up selfie with Trump in the background.

Needless to say, the reaction from some of Morgan’s fans at this ‘betrayal’ was visceral. Within 48 hours, he’d haemorrhaged 40,000 Instagram followers, and been bombarded with thousands of obscene messages.

Even worse, friends and colleagues reacted to the posts with unbridled horror.

He said: "I was unfollowed by photographers, editors and casting directors I’d known for years. Worked dried up. People who I used to talk to stopped talking to me. I was basically blackballed. I was told ‘nobody will work with you anymore because they think you're an a*****e’."

Like JK Rowling and others who’ve found themselves on the wrong side in the so-called ‘culture wars’, Morgan – who didn’t even vote for Trump in 2016 – was the subject of an orchestrated advertisers' boycott, with outraged fans calling for people to "buy nothing with him in it, and let his bookers know. Make him poor".
It cost him hundreds of thousands in lost earnings.

Morgan is currently in Europe with his Brazilian girlfriend while she is doing some shoots here. He gets few bookings himself nowadays, although he still does the occasional job in South America or Turkey.

"Every year before 2020, I was working more and more and then it just stopped. I understand Covid had a lot to do with this," he says.

"All models had a tough couple of years. But I was a working model with a fragrance and I was getting nothing. It was unheard of for a model with a fragrance to have no work."

Colleagues in the fashion industry have faced similar blowback after being exposed as rightwing. In July 2020, the New York agent Suzy Schwartz was hounded by campaigners after being photographed on a boat with a Trump flag on its stern. Schwartz's models were urged to fire the agent, who was branded a ‘violent racist’ by left-wing activists.

\u200bJason Morgan

Jason Morgan modelled for a number of well known brands before being silenced

"There are loads of examples like this. If you say or do anything they don't like, they'll take you down like a pack of hyenas. These people are vicious. They don’t care if they destroy your life.

"A friend at Ford Models in New York told me to get off Instagram and go to Europe for eight months to let the dust settle. But I was sick of keeping my opinions to myself."

He isn’t lying. Whether you agree with his politics or not, Morgan is the antithesis of your stereotypical model or virtue-signalling celeb. Nothing exemplifies this more than his reaction to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, and his revulsion at the racial divisions and anti-white racism he says it unleashed. ‘It made me really angry. Every celebrity was posting their black squares on Instagram and you had all these people tearing down statues.

"I knew loads of people who didn’t agree with it, but they all just went along with it. There are so many hardline leftists in fashion who are not prepared to hear alternative views. But I can’t be a hypocrite and say nothing."

Fast-forward 18 months, and the bad boy of fashion found himself speaking out against another prevailing orthodoxy: namely the war in Ukraine and what he saw as the ‘dehumanising language’ being directed at Russian people.

"You had all these people demanding Russian children be thrown out of school, and banned from sport; that books and works by Russian composers be cancelled. It was scary. You totally understand how the Nazis got people to kill.

"I got dropped by a sports brand I was working with for speaking out on Ukraine. The photographer told me ‘we’ve dropped you’ because of what I said. I have it all on text message."

In many ways, Morgan is a bit like Peter Hitchens with abs. Like the GB News contributor, he has a knack of offering seemingly ‘unpopular’ opinions, which, in time, don’t sound that unreasonable.

No issue typifies this more than his response to Covid. He was a vocal critic of lockdowns, masks and vaccine passports. Not that he had to be. He spent the pandemic in Florida – whose governor, Ron DeSantis, famously resisted the Chinese-style lockdowns being promoted by Trump and later President Biden, and instead followed established health protocols like those adopted in Sweden.

Jason Morgan has a knack of offering seemingly ‘unpopular’ opinions, which, in time, don’t sound that unreasonable

Despite being largely unaffected by restrictions, he felt compelled to say something. "I thought to myself, ‘lockdowns are going to cause more harm than good. This is not right’."

Again, his new-found activism came at a price: this time resulting in him losing his Instagram account, which had just shy of a quarter-of-a-million followers.

Curiously, an ongoing Supreme Court case has revealed that the Biden administration instructed Instagram’s parent company, Meta, and other social media networks to ban or suppress accounts posting information throughout the pandemic that was factually correct but embarrassing to the official government line, such as the fact the virus likely escaped from a lab, or that the vaccine didn't protect against infection, as claimed.

"They erased so many of us for speaking out. It's easy to kick off people like me with a few hundred-thousand followers without it causing a big scandal. But sending just a few big accounts to the digital gulag can really change the narrative."

While Morgan may have been kicked off for an anti-restrictions post, it must be noted that he had received an earlier strike for sharing a post questioning the 2020 election – a big no-no on the Democrat-backing platform.

It's strange he was bothered enough to risk wading into this topic. Far from being the ‘Trumper’ his critics claim, his views on the ex-president are essentially: "I think he’s funny. But he’s not ‘my guy’." (He does concede that he may have got a bit more obsessed with Trump after being made a persona non grata, but points out that that he wasn't even a Republican until relatively recently.)

Indeed, the affable model was only at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in 2020 because he’s close friends with Kimberly Guilfoyle, a hyper-connected former Fox anchor who has the distinction of not only once being married to President Biden’s rumoured Democrat successor Gavin Newsom, but being engaged to possible-2028 Republican candidate Donald Trump Jr.

"I knew it would wind a few people up," explains Morgan of his decision to post the now infamous snaps. "But half the [stuff] I was doing was taking the [mick].

"Unfortunately, 90 per cent of progressives have zero sense of humour. Politics is like a religion to them. They’re all in lock-step on the same issues. You can’t even talk to them or ask them why they believe what they do. It’s like a cult."

Such unyielding groupthink might be on the way out, though, according to the self-described "free speech absolutist". The October 7 attack on Israel led to a lot of introspection among American liberals after other progressives and elite institutions appeared to almost condone the massacre on the grounds of ‘racial justice’. Left-wingers on the pro-Palestine side, meanwhile, have started moaning about their 'right to free speech', following a string of high-profile sackings and financial boycotts directed at them.

"I think it was a real case of the snake eating its own tail," chuckles Morgan.

"You had all these liberals and BLM activists tearing down posters of missing kids, and celebrating mass rapes and the murder of Jews, and I’m like: ‘I’m not so bad now, am I?’."

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