America will ‘take generations to rescue’ from WOKE takeover of institutions - Tim Young

America will ‘take generations to rescue’ from WOKE takeover of institutions - Tim Young

WATCH NOW: Commentator claims America will ‘take generations' to be rescued

Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 10/06/2024

- 18:11

Tim Young also claimed that the Democrats 'will not drop Joe Biden' ahead of the November election

US Political Commentator Tim Young has claimed that America has gone "so far left" in the lead up to the Presidential election this November.

As Joe Biden prepares to face Republican rival Donald Trump in the monumental leadership race, Young told GBN America that the left are in favour of the "grooming and sex change of children" as schools continue to push "woke ideologies".

In conversation with Young, host Mark Dolan said it was "devastating" to see the "woke capture" of America's public institutions including schools, where organisations such as Dewitt Public Schools in Michigan have faced backlash for attempting to implement "gender and pronoun lessons".

Mark fumed: "Children at elementary school are being asked if they're a boy or a girl today, or told perhaps that they're racist based upon their skin colour and that America's history is shameful."

Stock image of US election and Tim Young

Tim Young says it will take 'generations' to recover from the 'woke takeover' of institutions in America

Getty / GBN America

When asked by Mark if he believes America has "reached a point of no return" with woke ideologies in schools, Young claimed the US "can be rescued", but it will take "generations" to do so.

Young explained: "America can be rescued, but it's going to take a few generations to do it.

"We used to have these matronly older ladies who were our school teachers, and now we have purple-haired ladies with septum nose rings, flying every flag known to man, and want to talk to children about their sexual excursions over the weekend."

Young also claimed that "woke" teachers have "invaded" the school system and the left has "strolled into positions" which need to be reclaimed by the right.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

​Donald Trump is expected to take on Joe Biden in this year's presidential election this November


Young told GBNA: "The crazy thing is that these people who have invaded our school system, they even get upset when they can't talk to children about their sexual excursions and who their partners are.


"Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had the successful Parental Rights in Education bill, which was called the 'Don't Say Gay' bill in the media."

Remaining optimistic for America's political future, Young continued: "But I think America can be saved. It's just going to take a long time. It's going to take multiple generations, it's going to take good parenting, it comes from home.

"It's going to take people taking positions in government that aren't sexy, like water boards in towns and electrical boards.

"Even the dogcatcher in towns, people taking over these positions that the left has just kind of casually strolled into."

Tim Young

Tim Young claims America's schools have been 'invaded' by teachers with 'woke' ideologies


Turning the discussion to Biden's election chances this November, Young claimed that despite concerns for the current President, the Democrats "will not drop him".

Young told Mark: "He will run in November. We had a senator here, Dianne Feinstein, who I believe was in her 90s and they rolled her out. She could barely speak.

"She gave power of attorney, which here means she gave all her life decisions to her daughter.

"They roll out these elderly politicians because there are so many people linked to power and money connected to them, and they will prop them up to keep themselves coming into power and getting their paychecks."

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