‘It’s like we’re living in third world country!’ Bev Turner rages at ‘ridiculous’ pothole advice from AA

‘It’s like we’re living in third world country!’ Bev Turner rages at ‘ridiculous’ pothole advice from AA
GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 27/11/2023

- 13:58

Bev Turner hit out at the AA's 'ridiculous' advice on avoiding potholes

GB News presenter Bev Turner has hit out at the AA, after the automobile company issued fresh advice for drivers on avoiding potholes.

The advice follows new data released by the AA, revealing that they have received nearly 511,000 callouts for pothole-related breakdowns this year.

In just October of this year, they received 52,541 callouts to assist vehicles damaged by road defects.

The breakdown specialists confirmed this is the most callouts for October since records began.


The AA advised drivers to 'avoid puddles' to prevent pothole damage


Following the staggering new figures, AA's public relations manager Tony Rich told road users to "avoid puddles" in the road, to prevent pothole damage.

Rich stated: "Continuous poor weather and storms such as Babet, Ciaran and Debi are having a two-fold effect on driving conditions."

He continued: "Our advice to drivers and those on two wheels is to avoid puddles where safe to do so, but if there is no alternative other than to travel through, then reduce your speed and keep an increased distance from the vehicle in front.

"What feels like relentless rainwater is covering and increasing the severity of potholes, while also holding back essential road repairs by rightly diverting roads maintenance crews to tackle fallen trees and flooded areas."

Reacting to the advice, GB News presenter Bev Turner raged at the statement, claiming "It's like we're living in a third world country, isn't it? Or Medieval England.

"The fact that we have to be told as drivers avoid a puddle, 'cause there might be a pothole under it."

Bev then read a response from a GB News viewer, who fumed at the lack of funding for road repairs across Britain.

The viewer said: "£29.5 billion, that's what's being invested in Hampton Court today. Everyone's making a fuss, that could fill a lot of potholes."

Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce present on GB News

Bev Turner hit out at the AA's 'ridiculous' advice on potholes

GB News

Bev responded to the viewer's thoughts on road funding, saying: "That's the problem, isn't it? We feel like, great you've got all this £30 billion that's going to be given to your tech giant mates.

"What about the country that's not working?"

Cohost Andrew Pierce agreed with Bev, highlighting: "If you remember when they cancelled the leg of HS2 going up to Manchester, which was cancelled at the Tory conference, which was in Manchester in a former railway station, they said a lot of the billions and millions would be spent fixing potholes. Well get on with it."

Bev concluded: "Honestly, it's ridiculous!"

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