Women's rights are being 'TRAMPLED ON' as transgender put first, fumes Sharron Davies

Women's rights are being 'TRAMPLED ON' as transgender put first, fumes Sharron Davies
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 22/09/2023

- 13:32

Updated: 22/09/2023

- 13:59

Sharron Davies has claimed that women's rights have been 'trampled on' in favour of the rights of transgender people.

Speaking on GB News show Farage, the former Olympic swimmer reacted to a new British Social Attitude survey, which revealed the number of people who describe themselves as being prejudiced against transgender people, has almost doubled.

Host Nigel Farage asked: “That is a slight cause for concern, isn't it?”

Davies agreed: “It is, and I think that's partly because they feel as if they've been lied to, and instead of being able to protect children’s safeguarding and women's rights, they've been trampled on.

"So nobody wants anyone to not be able to do sport, to not be safe, to not be able to identify however they like and be comfortable in what they're wearing and what they're called. But I think that there was a collision of rights and I think the British public felt that for quite a long time the rights of women and the rights of children were put second. And that is I think what they're now voicing.

"And so I’d hate that to be something that was then aimed at transgender people and became a real problem because it absolutely must not do that."

Davies continued: “I believe that sex, the actual biological sex that you are, should remain on your birth certificate. So for things like medicine, it's really important for sport, for statistics and for safeguarding.

“And I just think that you know, medicine, it's ridiculous, isn't it, that you can go into hospital or that you need to have cancer screening for example. And if you're actually biologically male, you need cancer screening for prostate, you do not need cancer screening for cervical cancer.

“So I think it's really important that we understand in certain realms the actual biological sex we are really matters. And maybe that needs to stay truthful on a birth certificate.”

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