‘Something of Stalinism!’ Furious debate breaks out on Brand letter to Rumble

‘Something of Stalinism!’ Furious debate breaks out on Brand letter to Rumble
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 22/09/2023

- 10:27

Updated: 22/09/2023

- 10:30

Alan Miller has blasted Dame Caroline Dinenage, after the chair of the House of Commons media committee sent a letter to Rumble, asking them to demonetise Russell Brand's content on the platform.

Speaking on Dewbs & Co, Co-Founder of Together Declaration Alan Miller heavily criticised the move made by the MP, comparing it to 'Stalinism'.

Miller said: “When I saw this letter, I got all the people in our organisation to go and check it because I thought it was fake. I could not believe that we've got politicians… this shows how naive I can be sometimes as well, that are actually trying to instruct private entities, big tech, to take down and demonetise people around allegations.

“So if I now say something about Michael or he says something about me, are we not going to be able to go and do things anymore? This is something from the world of Stalinism. This is something from the world of tyranny. We've just had the online safety bill passed the day before yesterday where big tech are going to make decisions about what can be said and what can't be and what can be expressed. No more encryption.

Miller continued: “This is absolutely outrageous and what should happen is everyone, your viewers who believe strongly about this, everyone should let the DCMS know, should let this particular Baroness know, and should write to the government. We should make sure that we have the ability to have free expression.

“If someone's guilty of something, let them be tried in the courts. We are innocent until proven guilty in this country and people should not get taken down because this even reinforces much more in my mind. This is a whole strategy to cancel someone and shut them down. It's absolutely unbelievable.”

Broadcaster and journalist Michael Crick disagreed with Miller's thoughts, arguing: "Well, Alan's got it all wrong. And your headlines have got it all wrong because the this letter does not tell these companies to stop Mr Brand monetising his content.

"Nor as Alan used the word, does it instruct them. It's investigating whether he's still able to monetise them and expressing some disapproval that he might be able to do so. But it's not instructing, it's not telling. You've gone way over the top both of you.

"And I think the Culture Media Sport Committee might have some something to say about that."

Watch the debate in full above.

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