Pro-Palestine activists disrupt Somerset Council meeting just hours after furious protests break out in London and Kent

Pro-Palestine activists disrupt Somerset Council meeting just hours after furious protests break out in London and Kent
SC-Palestine Action storm Somerset Council meeting to demand eviction of Elbit-15APR24
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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 15/04/2024

- 18:34

Updated: 15/04/2024

- 19:21

The group entered the meeting with a banner containing names of children killed in Gaza since the start of the conflict

Activists from Palestine Action have crashed a council meeting in Somerset.

The group interrupted the meeting at Somerset Council, calling on them to evict Elbit Systems, a manufacturing company.

A spokesperson from the group said: "Local residents disrupt Somerset Council’s meeting to demand the immediate eviction of Elbit Systems.

"The council’s property at Aztec West 600 is used as the UK headquarters of Israel’s largest weapons firm."

\u200bThe group interrupted the meeting with a banner The group interrupted the meeting with a banner X/@Pal_Action

In the video, one of the protesters says: "There's hundreds of names of children under 10 that have been killed since the genocide started.

"Many of the weapons will have been made by Elbit systems who are one of your tenants. It's interesting that you just read political statements from your party who said they are in support of ceasefire and that they're in support of ceasing arms sales to Israel.

"That to me indicates that you have the political ability to make a decision in line with that national request to evict Elbit."

GB News has approached Somerset Council for a comment.


Protest took place in Kent today


It comes after hundreds of people gathered in areas of London and Kent thought to have links to Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit Systems to chant and unfurl banners.

Protesters from Palestine Action descended on the Discovery Park, in Sandwich, Kent in a blockade "making access to the business estate impossible."

The site, which has been dubbed one of the UK's top science parks for pharmaceutical firms, is also home to Instro Precision Ltd, a subsidiary of Elbit systems.

A spokesperson from Kent Police told the Daily Mail: "Kent Police officers are currently at the scene of a protest at Discovery Park near Sandwich."

It has not been confirmed by the force if any arrests were made.

In central London, outside One Curzon in Mayfair, police met with protesters outside an office block is home to London Metric, which protest group Palestine Action has previously claimed rents property to Elbit systems.

GB News has approached London Metric for a comment.

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