Post Office row 'doesn't help us victims' fumes former Sub-Postmaster

Post Office row 'doesn't help us victims' fumes former Sub-Postmaster
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 22/02/2024

- 10:35

The former sub-postmaster who was mentioned by Sir Keir Starmer in PMQs has said the government need to ‘deliver on the promises made’ and provide ‘full and fair compensation’ to the victims of the Horizon scandal.

Speaking on GB News, Christopher Head said:

“This row’s erupted between sacked Henry Staunton and Kemi Badenoch. I’ve no idea who is telling the truth but it doesn't help us as Post Office victims.

“We're still fighting for compensation; it still appears to be delayed. Whose fault is that? We don't exactly know, but we just sit here watching it all play out.

“It’s really, really frustrating. If we roll this back to 2019, after the end of the court case, we were promised it would be sorted then and here we are five years later and yet it hasn't been delivered.

“We’re just sitting here watching this row play out.

“We had the claim quantified by a team of forensic experts. The claim does run into seven figures, but they've offered less than 15% of the claim that's put forward.

“They're not my figures that I've made up; they've taken my tax records and my business accounts. The government paid for and approved these experts, but they just simply don't want to accept what's in it.

“The political system is just not working; it’s not working for other people. We're seeing scandal after scandal, whether it's the Post Office, whether it's Hillsborough, whether it's infected blood.

“Until there is proper redress delivered to all the people involved and until we get some kind of accountability, which hopefully will act as a deterrent to stop the scandals happening again, I can't see how this doesn't keep on playing out for years to come.

“[Sunak and Badenoch] need to deliver on the promises that they made, which is full and fair compensation, and deliver it now.”


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