‘Massive embarrassment!’ Peter Bleksley slams police efforts to track down Daniel Khalife

‘Massive embarrassment!’ Peter Bleksley slams police efforts to track down Daniel Khalife
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 08/09/2023

- 13:31

Updated: 08/09/2023

- 16:44

Former detective Peter Bleksley has weighed in on the manhunt for missing prisoner Daniel Khalife after the suspected terrorist escaped from Wandsworth Prison.

Speaking on GB News Breakfast, the former Metropolitan Police officer shared his thoughts as police continue their efforts to track him down.

Bleksley said: “I think this is now becoming a massive embarrassment for our nation. First of all it started off as a hugely embarrassing situation for Wandsworth Prison. But now of course all the resources of the police have so far been unable to find him, and yesterday the Justice Secretary Alex Chalk stood up in Parliament and said very forcefully on two occasions he will be found. Well, as of yet he hasn't been.

“So as I say, what started off as a massive embarrassment is now a huge and acute embarrassment and the longer it goes on the worse it's going to get.”

He continued: “There’s an element of preplanning about this escape. We know it was clearly planned within the prison. I'd like to know how did he get these straps? What's their original purpose? Was it something that had actually been adapted or repurposed and turned into these straps? So if there's planning on the inside of the prison, worryingly for the police, I would strongly suggest there's been planning on the outside of the prison.

“So when he parted company from that lorry, was he able to meet up with someone who could supply him with a change of clothing? Because he had very distinctive red and white chefs trousers on, a change of clothing, food, cash, documentation, a passport possibly. And as the commander of the search for him last night said, that very senior police officer, he could already have left the country.

“And if that is the case and just if he pops up in a couple of days time giving a press conference from Tehran, for example, well, heads, very senior heads will roll.”

Watch Peter’s analysis in full above.

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