Nigel Farage to Mark Drakeford 'Come and tell us why GB News is banned'

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has challenged Mark Drakeford to answer for the GB News ban

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Published: 24/10/2023

- 16:24

Updated: 24/10/2023

- 17:19

GB News presenter throws down the gauntlet to Welsh First minister ahead of special GB News show in Wales

Nigel Farage has challenged Mark Drakeford to appear on his GB News show to explain a decision to ban the People’s Channel from TV screens inside the Welsh Parliament.

Mr Farage will present a special edition of his "Farage at Large" GB News show from Cardiff at 7pm on Wednesday (October 25).

Ahead of it, he has now issued an invite to the First Minister of Wales to appear as his guest.

He said: “I’m looking forward to bringing my GB News programme to Wales and meeting the wonderful people of Cardiff.

WATCH: Members of Welsh Parliament frustrated at GB News ban

“I am inviting Mr Drakeford to explain to me, and to all of our viewers, why GB News is no longer available inside the Welsh Parliament. I hope he accepts.”

Hundreds of people have already applied for tickets to attend a special edition of the ‘Farage at Large’ series, which will be broadcast live from a secret location in Cardiff on Wednesday.

The programme comes a week after it first emerged GB News had been slapped with a ban. Under new rules the home of free speech is no longer allowed to be shown on any of the Senedd's TVs, which are dotted around the internal walls of the building.

A spokesperson for the Senedd said last week: "GB News has been removed from the Senedd’s internal television system following a recent broadcast that was deliberately offensive, demeaning to public debate and contrary to our parliament’s values. There are now several ongoing Ofcom investigations into the channel.

“The Commission will discuss the issue at a future meeting, and staff and Members who wish to view GB News will still be able to do so online in the Senedd.”

But the decision provoked widespread fury with Penny Mourdant among a string of high-profile figures blasting the move.

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies said the banning of GB News could be in breach of existing equalities legislation at the Senedd.

He believes it is “vital” the decision be overturned.

To find out more about Wednesday’s show, and to book tickets, you can visit:

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