‘Settle your debts and come clean!’ Nigel Farage issues fierce warning to NatWest

‘Settle your debts and come clean!’ Nigel Farage issues fierce warning to NatWest
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 16/02/2024

- 16:04

Nigel Farage has hit out at NatWest as the banking group has revealed its highest yearly profit since just before the financial crisis in 2007.

Nigel told GB News: "We've had the NatWest profits this morning and they're very good figures. That's not surprising given the gap between rates you can borrow and lend with the bank and the fact that rates are higher. They have announced a permanent CEO, who is an insider and a professional.

"I cannot see any evidence that there's been a culture change within the bank of any kind at all. It's as if let's put the Nigel Farage of their kindness, let's give out £350million in bonuses to the very people that those subject access requests through didn't just say horrible things about me but actually threatened violence.

"You know, they'd like to push me out of a moving car. I mean it was truly appalling and the idea that now in June NatWest shares will be sold and millions of people rather like the great privatisation going back to the 1980s. Well given that actually many of those people who buy buy shares will have political opinions and social opinions very, very simple time I think would be wrong almost fraudulent and to sell shares to people who they hold in contempt.

"So I want to see two things - one, a promise that the culture at the bank has changed and that people not be unfairly be banked. Believe you me, there are plenty of us. Number two, an admission that the Travis Smith, the so-called inquiry, the complete whitewash of acknowledgement that that actually was not looking for the right things.

"And number three, you know I racked up huge legal bills through the course of all of this, suffered reputational damage as a result much of what was said and they should settle with me as well. If they don't do those things, I will lodge papers in the court and we'll have this out sometime over the course of the next few months."


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