NatCon conference a 'watershed moment for cancel culture', says Nigel Farage

NatCon conference a 'watershed moment for cancel culture', says Nigel Farage
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 17/04/2024

- 19:59

Nigel Farage has said the events surrounding the NatCon conference in Brussels are ‘a watershed moment’ for cancel culture and predicted it will be harder in future for people to be cancelled from speaking because of their opinions.

Speaking on GB News, Nigel Farage said: “Is this a watershed moment? Well, I’ll tell you what for some time now, those on the hard left say, ‘Cancel culture? It doesn't exist. It's a figment of the imagination of the libertarians!’

“Well, the whole world could see that cancel culture was alive and kicking in Brussels yesterday.

“And this story has gone global. So the first reason why I believe it is a watershed moment is that now it cannot be denied that this sort of thing happens.

“And the second reason why it's a watershed moment is because it's going to be very much more difficult in future to cancel speakers going to universities, to cancel meetings being held by truly legitimate organisations.

“I'm not saying the whole thing is finished. I'm not saying the war is over. But we have won an important battle and it is, folks, believe me, a turning point and I'm very proud to have been a part of it.”


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