Mermaids and Stonewall should face criminal investigation, says Father Ted creator

Mermaids and Stonewall should face criminal investigation, says Father Ted creator
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 11/04/2024

- 07:00

Graham Linehan has said he believes there should be a criminal investigation into the trans supporting charity Mermaids.

The co-creator of Father Ted also called for an investigation into Stonewall and the BBC which it said had been “pushing” the trans ideology onto children with programmes such as ‘I am Leo’.

Speaking on GB News, Graham Linehan said: "From the moment I started talking about this issue I had friends and even family members distance themselves from me.

“I got threats. I got nasty emails, nasty direct messages; some of them from people I've worked with for years. Everyone telling me to stop talking, everyone telling me to shut up.

“Then I had the police at my door. Twice they visited on behalf of trans rights activists. I lost my family, my marriage, at least I'm still close to my children, but I lost my marriage because I kept losing jobs and opportunities.

“And it was just unrelenting pressure. The thing I thought would save me, the thing I thought was a kind of safety net was the Father Ted musical because I genuinely thought my colleagues on the show would stand up for me, would see what was happening to children and would realise that I was right to be to be taking the stand that I was taking.

“But instead they told me to remove my name from the musical and said they wouldn't make it unless I did. They offered me £200,000 - I refused because they thought the issue was too important. I thought I didn't want Father Ted to be built on the ruined bodies of children.

“And it's just been a nightmare for the last six years. I haven't written any comedy in six years. Instead, I've had to write journalism because journalists refused to do their jobs on this issue.

“I have to say, GB news is the exception to that. It's just been a very long fight. I'm extremely tired from it. I nearly didn't get into Australia because the Australian authorities think I'm some sort of bigot.

“There are some people who are more guilty than others. Mermaids, I think should be held accountable; I think they should be investigated. I think there should be a criminal investigation into Mermaids.

“I think there should be a criminal investigation into Stonewall and I think there should be an inquiry into the BBC. The BBC shows like ‘I am Leo’, shows like that which pushed this ideology on an audience of children, I think they need to be held accountable."


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