Eamonn Holmes declares ‘it’s a blindsider': Varadkar accused of ‘playing politics’

Eamonn Holmes declares ‘it’s a blindsider': Varadkar accused of ‘playing politics’
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 21/12/2023

- 09:56

GB News Host Eamonn Holmes weighed in on Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's legal move against the UK, after he accused the UK Legacy Act of breaching Humans Rights laws.

Eamonn questioned if the Irish leader was "playing politics" with the fresh legal challenge.

Eamonn asked John Laverty of the Belfast Telegraph: This is a blind-sider, this one. A lot of people think this may be politics that Varadkar's playing here in a way to pull one over.

"Because it won't only be just British soldiers who will be under the cosh with this one. Sinn Fein will be as well, surely?"

Laverty replied: "Yes, of course they will be. And Leo Varadkar is no friend of Sinn Fein, shall we say. Obviously Leo Varadkar's government is trying to keep Sinn Fein out of government in in Dublin. So we can see some sort of motivation there with Leo Varadkar.

"But it does throw a spanner in the works of Anglo-Irish relations at a time when they're trying to get a deal together to get the DUP back. They're trying to sort out the Irish Sea border and it needs two to tango in that one.

"The reasoning for it coming in is not a surprise, but the the timing of it is bizarre."


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