Israeli ambassador to UK - ‘No one can really expect Israel to do nothing'

Israeli ambassador to UK - ‘No one can really expect Israel to do nothing'
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 15/04/2024

- 21:05

The Israeli Ambassador to the UK has said the Israeli government has a responsibility to its people to prevent more attacks by Iran and hit back at claims that the result was a ‘win’ for Israel.

Tzipi Hotovely said the UK Prime Minister would not allow UK cities to be attacked from the air and call it a victory, adding that ‘It's a very big deal and no one can really expect Israel to do nothing.'

Speaking on GB News, Tsipi Hotovely said: “It was a bad night for Iran, because Iran launched a massive attack on Israel with over 300 missiles, including those drones that we've seen operating in Ukraine.

“It ended with a major failure to the Iranians and with the creation of a wonderful coalition, including Israel, United States and the United Kingdom.

“It's a good opportunity to thank your Royal Air Force and your government also, by leading this and understanding that this is a front that must be confronted together, also with moderate Arab countries that were on our side. So together, I believe this coalition is now creating a message to Iran.

“We don't see it as a win. We see it as performing of our technological abilities of the fact that Israel can fight, Israel can create coalitions and Israel is not alone in the world.

“Iran's attempt was to kill, Iran’s attempt was to hurt, Iran’s attempt was to attack a sovereign country from its own borders, from its own soil for the first time since the first Gulf War.

“Israel was not attacked from another sovereign country. This is unprecedented.

“The fact that Iran had the nerve to do it means not enough deterrents and the game now is deterrence.

“Iran was targeting individuals in your country and last year, it was the Head of MI5 saying that; all the government leaders know that.

“Israel is not being expected just to sit and do nothing when 300 weapons are fired.

“This lion has been hiding behind this bush of proxies, but not anymore.

“The War Cabinet will make decisions [on a response] The people of Israel are expecting very much to make sure that they will be protected from this type of attacks. No country in the world can tolerate this type of attack.

“If we would have seen Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and London attacked of the same night with drones, I'm sure your Prime Minister wouldn't be happy and wouldn't be saying, ‘Okay, we just managed to win.’

“We definitely need to create better deterrence for Iran. And one thing that the UK knows more than any other country in the world is that sometimes not operating, not acting against an aggressor creates a bigger escalation. And I'm speaking about exactly the same thing – appeasement.

“Our long-standing approach from a diplomatic point of view is to proscribe the IRGC, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who are definitely operating as a massive organisation, the head of the octopus, sending its arms all over the Middle East.

“Destabilising all the region, sponsoring those horrific terror tunnels of Hamas where we have 130 hostages still there, being violated, women being raped on a daily basis, and they're not releasing them. They're not willing to release all of them.

“The Israeli government is responsible to act because we must make sure that Iran won’t do that again. And if we let her go another, just say - it's not a big deal, 300 drones. It's a very big deal and no one can really expect Israel to do nothing.”


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