Pizza Hut delivery driver becomes Britain's youngest BILLIONAIRE aged just 30 - 'Mind blowing!'

Ben Francis outside Gymshark's Regent Street store.

Ben Francis worked at a local Pizza Hut as a means to make money to fund his passion.

Instagram: Ben Francis
George McMillan

By George McMillan

Published: 08/04/2023

- 13:07

Updated: 09/04/2023

- 10:43

Ben Francis launched Gymshark aged just 19 and has turned the company into a billion pound business.

A former Pizza Hut delivery driver has shocked everyone with his rags to riches story after becoming Britain’s youngest billionaire at only 30.

Ben Francis landed himself on the Forbes billionaire list after his innovative thinking spurred him on to start a company.

The 30-year-old launched Gymshark in 2012, a fitness clothing line worn by athletes and celebrities across the world when he was just 19-years old.

The company was born out of his father’s garage while he was at university, using his grandma’s sewing machine to put together early products.

Ben Francis taking a photo of himself.

The company is now worth an astonishing £1.25billion

Instagram: Ben Francis

He worked at a local Pizza Hut as a means to make money to fund his passion.

The company is now worth an astonishing £1.25billion thanks to endorsements online from notable figures, including his now wife, Robin Gallant.

Francis’ stake of around 70 per cent of the company is estimated to be worth more than £700million.

Francis’ empire nearly came crumbling down when a video of the CEO snorting cocaine leaked online.

Ben Francis and Robin Gallant.

Ben married Robin Gallant.

Instagram: Ben Francis

Apologising, he said in a statement: "Four years ago, I was a young guy.

"I got caught up in a moment and made a stupid mistake that I massively regret.

"It was a mistake I learned from – I’ll continue to dedicate myself to learning from the people around me and work towards becoming the best version of myself.”

Since then he has opened a store on. Regents Street, calling it a “surreal moment” in his career.

“To have started this brand in my bedroom to now have a store here on Regent Street, is just mind blowing.”

Earlier this year it was revealed Francis paid £11.6 million in tax.

He explained that he did not mind the staggering sum: “This country and its taxes afforded me a free education, free healthcare and, as the child of a nurse, it also paid my mum’s salary.

"I’m nothing but proud that we contribute in every way that we can.”

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