'It's not the supermarkets taking the hit - it's the farmer!' Furious farmer fumes amid French protests

'It's not the supermarkets taking the hit - it's the farmer!' Furious farmer fumes amid French protests

Farmer Gareth Wynn Jones spoke to GB News about the strikes

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 30/01/2024

- 12:25

Welsh farmer Gareth Wynn Jones claims that "we have to start to addressing these problems"

A Welsh farmer has spoken out about the strikes after hundreds of angry workers took to the roads around Paris on Monday.

The farmers threatened to blockade the capital in an intensifying stand-off with the government over working conditions, taxes, and regulations.

Fears are growing the same protests could come to the UK, speaking to GB News Welsh farmer Gareth Wynn Jones said: "I'll bring it back to right to the beginning in Canada when it started, a few years ago where the truckers and the farmers went out to protest.

"A lot of it's to do with government policy, red tape, and bureaucracy. So they put legislation on farmers to grow things and then they import cheaper food from other countries which is wrong.

Gareth Wynn Jones

A farmer told GB News the reason for the strikes

GB News

"We should be growing our food locally, sustainably, environmentally friendly. Farmers don't protest very easily.

"It takes a lot for the farmers to go out because we've got jobs.

"That's what we love and do seven days a week, 365 days. People have to understand, we put our lives into this so they can have affordable food.

"We don't want to be thanked. We just want a fair price for what we're producing.

French farmers block highway in ParisFrench farmers block highway in ParisReuters

"And if the government is putting more red tape and more legislation to these farmers and keep trying to hit these net zero with stupid nitrate rules with things such as planting trees, putting solar farms on top quality agricultural land, it's a no-brainer.

"We have to start to address these problems and we have to start to ask questions of our politicians and start to say enough is enough because when a farmers protest, you're in trouble.

"You are either going to be hungry very quickly or if the government gets their way, we will be sleepwalking into food shortages."

He added: "There's so many hoops for those farmers to be jumping through.

"Mental health issues and suicides are very high in this industry there's a lot of pressure on these people financially.

An image from the German farmers' protest

Farmers have been protesting for fairer regulations


"It's not the supermarkets that will be taking the hit when there's two for the price of one or when they drop in the price of milk. It's the farmer.

"It's the guy that's in the coal phase that's working to feed people every single day.

"We need the public to understand how frustrated we are because we are here for you.

"Whatever your diet is, we are here to feed you."

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