'Corbynistas' in junior BMA 'trying to push political argument' above patients

'Corbynistas' in junior BMA 'trying to push political argument' above patients
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 12/04/2024

- 06:13

A former Cabinet minister has said he believes there is a ‘small group of Corbynistas’ in the junior doctor section of the British Medical Association pushing a political agenda against the Conservatives.

Ranil Jayawardena also said a potential strike by GPs seemed ‘very targeted and timed ahead of an election.’

Speaking on GB News, Ranil Jayawardena said: “I am delighted the Labour Party has caught up with Conservative doctrine that we should, of course, focus on the patient. It shouldn't be around who's necessarily delivering the service, it should be around the best outcomes for the patient.

“And I know in my neck of the woods, not only have we got two new hospitals coming in the NHS, but our GPs do refer people to local private hospitals, where that means a quicker or better result. And that's a good thing.

“The National Medical Director of the NHS, so this is an official, this is not a politician, has said that the industrial action has had a significant impact on the recovery of the NHS services.

“And you're right to talk about not only junior doctors but GPs too.

“On junior doctors it's absolutely crucial that they look after patients; that's what they signed up to do, I do believe that.

“But unfortunately, I think there are a small group of, dare I say, Corbynistas still in parts of the junior BMA who are trying to push a political argument.

“And it's interesting to see they've accepted a deal from the SNP on a very similar basis to what the UK Government has said for England. And yet because we're a Conservative government, these Corbynistas have said no.

“So one rule with the Scottish nationalists, another rule because we're Conservatives.

“You also right to just highlight that there's a risk of a GP strike over the summer, which again, seems very targeted and timed ahead of an election, which is very unfortunate.

“I think GPs do a great job and it's just important that we make sure that there are appointments for patients to be able to see them when they want, where they want. And a strike isn't going to help with that.”


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