Cat owners warned they risk £500 fine unless they take urgent action ahead of law change

Cat owners warned they risk £500 fine unless they take urgent action ahead of law change

WATCH NOW: Vet Surgeon warns of fresh fines facing cat owners this summer

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 10/05/2024

- 10:42

The deadline for cats to be microchipped ahead of the new law is June 10

Cat owners have been issued a fresh warning to microchip their pets, or risk facing a hefty fine of £500.

New legislation will come into force next month, and will require all cats to be microchipped and officially registered once they reach the age of 20 weeks.

Owners found to have not microchipped their cat will have 21 days to have one implanted, or may face paying the fine.

Local councils will also be granted powers to seize unchipped cats, arrange for them to be microchipped and then return them to their owners, who will be responsible for covering the cost.

Cat and Vet

Veterinary Surgeon Amelia Battersby hailed the introduction of the new law for cats

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Speaking to GB News, Veterinary Surgeon Amelia Battersby said the legislation is something the veterinary industry has been campaigning for "for many years", as the same legislation for dogs was introduced back in 2016.

Battersby claimed it is "about time we catch up for our feline pets" because they're "just as important" as dogs.

Host Stephen Dixon was in agreement with Battersby, and argued how any cat owner could "be against it".

He admitted: "I just don't understand why there would be any opposition to this. I know there is a cost, but if you love your cat and they go missing, you want to get them back."

Cat with owner

As many as 2.3 million cats are currently unchipped, according to government figures


Battersby then revealed that there are "a lot of misconceptions" about microchips, which may have initially put owners off.


She explained: "I think for a lot of people, it just slips their mind. There's so much to think about when you get a new kitten. There's so much going on, and microchipping often gets forgotten.

"And there's also a misconception that worries me personally, that indoor cats or cats that only go out with supervision don't need to be microchipped or aren't at risk of going missing. And actually, the unexpected happens all the time. You get a visitor, they leave the front door open, a loud bang startles your cat and they shoot out the door, and often it's those cats that are more at risk of getting lost because they just don't have the street smarts of our outdoor cats."

Encouraging owners to get their pets microchipped before the June 10 deadline, Battersby urged: "We would really urge everybody to take heed of the new law, which is one month to go today.

"They need to make sure that they get their cats microchipped and that their microchip details are up to date as well on the database."

GB News

Cat Owners will face a hefty fine and a possible seizure of their unchipped pet

GB News

Detailing the latest requirements of the law, Battersby said it is important to get them chipped to avoid "costs and really upsetting situations".

Battersby told GB News: "The law requires every cat over the age of 20 weeks of age to be microchipped, but it can be done much younger than that. Lots of people like to combine getting the microchip done with getting them neutered at the vet's, because that makes it nice and straightforward.

"It's a slightly bigger needle than the vaccination, and it's lightning quick. It's the same speed as giving a vaccination, very, very quick, and they often don't notice it's been done, and then the benefits last a lifetime."

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