'How dare they slate them as right-wing!' Carole Malone in furious defence of frustrated farmers 'being choked by EU'

'How dare they slate them as right-wing!' Carole Malone in furious defence of frustrated farmers 'being choked by EU'

WATCH NOW: Farmer protests in Brussels defended by Carole Malone

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 01/02/2024

- 16:05

Farmers are protesting across Europe against ongoing debts, price pressures, extreme weather and cheap imports

Commentator Carole Malone has come to the defence of farmers taking action in Brussels, as hundreds demonstrated outside the European Parliament.

Furious farmers gathered with their tractors outside the parliamentary headquarters to make a stand for better pay and working conditions.

This comes as politicians are today holding a summit focused on providing financial aid for Ukraine, which has frustrated agricultural workers from Belgium.

Following similar demonstrations in France, protesters stormed the Belgian capital armed with firecrackers and lit a huge bonfire outside the Parliament.

Carole Malone and farmers

Carole Malone has defended protesting farmers in Brussels

GB News / Reuters

One farmer at the demonstration told Reuters: "If you see how many people are here today, and if you see it's all over Europe, so you must have hope.

"We must have hope that these people see that farming, the food, is necessary."

Discussing the farmers and their decision to take a stand on GB News, commentator Carole Malone defended the agricultural workers and slammed the EU's regulations.

Malone claimed the EU rules are "choking" farmers and admitted she would join the protests "in a heartbeat".

Malone fumed: "I didn't realise how little profit these guys make and how hard they work - they are up at the crack of dawn and they're working all the hours God sends, and the profit they make, it's pitiful, it's minuscule.

"And the EU rules are trying to choke even that. I would join these protests in a heartbeat.

"How dare they slate them as right wing, when these are these are real people whose livelihoods have been trashed."

Host Andrew Pierce agreed with Malone's view, adding: "A lot of people who work in the farming industry get paid very little money. Agricultural workers are very badly paid."

Carole Malone

Carole Malone says the protesters should not be associated with the right wing

GB News

Fellow commentator and panellist Nichi Hodgson also shared her view on the farmer protests, and stated they are "essentially running a small business" with the little amount of profit they are able to make.

Hodgson told GB News: "I am all for green protests, I'm all for climate change activism. But actually, the only way you can do that is gradually.

"It's exactly what we've seen with Port Talbot, you can't just go in and say you're not gonna do it anymore this way. You've gotta do it this way. You've got to do it this way instead.

"Lots of farmers are on board with protecting the planet, but they they can't do it overnight. You've got to give them time."

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