Brit left with one leg shorter than other after botched surgery in Thailand

Brit left with one leg shorter than other after botched surgery in Thailand

Connor ‘Carnage’ McBride is now resorting to fundraising.

Sam Montgomery

By Sam Montgomery

Published: 08/08/2023

- 11:44

The Muay Thai boxer is fundraising for further surgery to save his career

A British Muay Thai boxer was left with one leg 3cm shorter than the other after undergoing surgery following a horror motorbike accident last year.

Connor ‘Carnage’ McBride is now resorting to fundraising in the hope of going under the knife once more to correct the botched operation.

A former British Junior Champion, Connor had been competing on the Thai island of Koh Samui when he was hospitalised by a motorbike accident.

Metal rods and pins were used to treat his badly fractured femur, but Connor has been left in constant pain by hip problems, spinal misalignment and disrupted bone growth.

Connor's leg problems began with a motorbike accident last year.


In order to stand a chance of competing in the ring again, Connor will have to replace the rod with a plate.

Connor’s sister, Hayley Emery, has helped her brother to set up a GoFundMe page which has so far raised more than £8,000 of the £15,000 target to cover his medical procedures.

Hayley told The Express: "When Connor first called me to let me know he had been in the accident, he FaceTimed me. I just remember seeing him in a blue bed and before he even said anything I knew something was massively wrong.

"He told me about his leg and we were just completely gutted for him, it was as if his Muay Thai dreams had literally been shattered.

Connor has said he worked 9-5 until the pandemic hit, which convinced him to dedicate his life to the sport.


"We however are very thankful that there were no further injuries and that frankly he was still alive, as it could have been worse."

Hayley added: "Initially, we had thought that his boxing career would be finished but he has literally amazed us all with his determination to get back into the sport.”

Hayley noted how Connor has given his all in the rehabilitation process but has been hampered by the operation not going as planned.

She said: "Connor’s spirit - it’s like he can’t see any other option but to be successful in this and, to be honest, I wholeheartedly believe he will get there. We have a saying…'minor setback for a major comeback', which always puts a smile on all our faces."

Koh Samui, Thailand


Hayley continued: "It’s made a massive impact on his life and it’s really tough to see. Mentally I know Connor has been through a lot and we have been worried at times of course.

"His whole life has been turned upside down with the accident itself and now having to have revision surgery to correct these ongoing issues which are hindering his healing has been exhausting and frustrating.

She added: "Connor also hasn’t had the accessibility of his family around him which I know he finds hard too, but even though he’s been played these set of cards, he’s determined to show resilience and brace himself for the whole process again, knowing the revision surgery will potentially get him on track to being able to compete again.

"It has been hard, but Connor has always just stuck on a brave face, even with us. Connor doesn’t like anyone seeing him weak, so sometimes it's been hard for us to gauge how bad it’s been for him.

"Though of course we are always at the end of the phone to talk, I feel like he’s dealt with this whole ordeal by himself to be honest. He’s just so persistent to get back to making a full recovery."

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