Boris Johnson says 'basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important' when distinguishing between man and woman

Boris Johnson says 'basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important' when distinguishing between man and woman
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George McMillan

By George McMillan

Published: 23/03/2022

- 13:01

Updated: 23/03/2022

- 13:19

The Prime Minister was responding to a question by Conservative MP Angela Richardson on gender distress in young people

Boris Johnson has said the "basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important" when distinguishing between a man and a woman.

Angela Richardson welcomed a report into why young girls are facing gender distress, before going on to ask Mr Johnson if he would meet with her to discuss how the Government can “constructively support these young people who are experiencing gender distress”.

The Prime Minister replied: “This is one of those issues this House is coming to realise, one that requires extreme sensitivity.

MP Angela Richardson
MP Angela Richardson

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

"We must recognise that when people want to make a transition in their lives, that they should be treated with the maximum possible generosity and respect.

"We have systems in this country that allow that and have done for a long time.

"I do want to say in addition Mr Speaker, when it comes to distinguishing a man and a woman, the basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important."

On Saturday the Foreign Secretary declared that it was “time to end” the questioning of Britain’s history and shut down “ludicrous debates” on pronouns.

Liz Truss said the “constant self-questioning and introspection” needed to cease.

During the debate on culture, trans rights have come to the fore, with heated public rows over the ability for people to self-identify as a gender different to the one they were born with, and people declaring their preferred pronouns in written interactions.

The Foreign Secretary told the conference: “Now is the time to end the culture of self-doubt, the constant self-questioning and introspection, the ludicrous debates about language, statues and pronouns.

“Our history, warts and all, makes us what we are today.

“We live in a great country, a great democracy and we should be proud of it.”

Mr Johnson also included reference to the values battle in his speech.

He argued that the battle for democracy in eastern Europe highlighted the freedoms people enjoyed in Britain, adding: “We don’t need to be woke, we just want to be free.”

The comments come after Brexit minister Jacob Rees-Mogg, during an appearance at the resort conference on Friday, said it was time to “get away from the wokery that has beset huge sections of society”.

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