Bev Turner hits out at 'London-elite snobbery' as Farage excluded from BBC 1 Leaders debate

Bev Turner, Nigel Farage and Bev Turner twitter post

GB News host Bev Turner said the BBC's decision to leave Nigel Farage out of the leader's debate "smacks of London-elite snobbery"

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GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 20/06/2024

- 13:12

Updated: 20/06/2024

- 13:16

The leader of Reform UK will not be included in a four-way panel debate but will appear on an extra Question Time leaders' special

GB News host Bev Turner spoke out against Nigel Farage not being included in a four-way panel with Sunak and Starmer.

The Reform UK leader asked to be included in the debate after polls showed his party had overtaken the Conservatives in a YouGov poll.

However, the BBC will only allow Farage to take part in an extra Question Time leaders’ special alongside a representative from the Green Party.

Bev said that this showed "London-elite snobbery" and argued this is why the Reform party is gaining momentum across the country.

Bev Turner

Bev Turner said decisions like Farage not being included in the leaders' debate are why Reform are gaining popularity

GB News

Posting on X, Bev said: "The @BBCOne not including @Nigel_Farage in their leaders debate smacks of London-elite snobbery: a world of thin-skinned folk who worry about what others think.

"Can you imagine the BBC meetings discussing his inclusion?? Would anyone be ballsy enough to say that he should be brought in and risk the water cooler gossip??!

"And this is exactly why he, and @reformparty_uk are gaining popularity. Like so much in this funny little country, it's about social class. 'Normal people,' mainly outside of London, have had enough of being bossed around and infantilised.

"Just like Brexit - these people are not 'racist' - they are feeling poor, powerless and hopeless."

Nigel Farage

Farage will appear in an an extra Question Time leaders’ special alongside a representative from the Green Party


She continued: "Nigel might be a privately-educated ex-banker who wears red trousers but he's oddly classless: at home on a pheasant shoot or having a fag outside the pub.

"He doesn't patronise. Watch him, even in interviews: he listens. There's a saying in psychology that angry people need either space to calm down or to be quickly heard. Given the anger in the UK, voters want space from the political elite and to be millions, he is the only one listening."

Michelle Dewberry backed her fellow presenter's comments, she said: "It is surely absurd that @Nigel_Farage has been excluded from this debate, no? I feel his exclusion tho, will help him garner support…"

The BBC's two-hour programme hosted by Fiona Bruce will see leaders from the Labour Party, the Conservatives, SNP and the Liberal Democrats come head to head on Thursday.

Farage said he was "pleased" the BBC had acknowledged his party's rise in popularity by allowing him to appear on Question Time but still demanded to be included in the head-to-head debate with Sunak and Starmer on June 26th.

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