‘Psychopathic LIAR!’ Mohamed Al-Fayed blasted by Neil Hamilton in scathing attack

‘Psychopathic LIAR!’ Mohamed Al-Fayed blasted by Neil Hamilton in scathing attack
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 02/09/2023

- 14:10

UKIP leader Neil Hamilton has attacked businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed, following his death aged 94.

Speaking on Saturday Morning Live with Esther and Phil, Hamilton reacted to the death of the Egyptian-born billionaire, who he’d previously clashed with over the cash-for-questions scandal in the 1990s.

Neil said: “Michael Cole spoke of one side of this man earlier on as convivial and generous and outgoing. But I experienced a rather different side, the psychopathic liar who would stop at nothing to seek to get revenge on people very often, and is, and indeed was in my case for imagined slights upon him.

“The whole cash-for-questions saga was an invention of his on the spur of the moment, after he lost a case in the European Court of Human Rights, whereby he sought to overturn the Government report which had accused him of fraud and lying in order to take Harrods over in the first place.”

Hamilton continued: “He was a Jekyll and Hyde character. There was a Doctor Jekyll, as Michael Cole spoke about earlier on, superficially, and this is how he was when I first got to know him. You know, he was convivial, open hearted and he was generous to charities. I'm sure he did a lot of good in life.

“But there was the other flip side of that coin as well, which I spoke about earlier on. Of course, I'm sorry for his family. No doubt they loved him. But there are a lot of people who rue the day that they ever came into contact with Mohammed Fayed. Because what he did to me, he did to lots of other people.”

Watch the interview with Neil Hamilton in full above.

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