Adrian Chiles reveals he has a urinal in his home and is a big urinals enthusiast

Adrian Chiles reveals he has a urinal in his home and is a big urinals enthusiast
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GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 21/04/2022

- 17:15

Mr Chiles said the bathroom instalment was 'life-changing' and solved many domestic rows

Television presenter Adrian Chiles has revealed he has a urinal in his flat and vows it is a “life-changer”.

The 55-year-old confessed he was a “big enthusiast for urinals in the home” saying his has “pride of place beneath the West Brom crest.”

Mr Chiles insists having them alongside conventional toilets is a solution to domestic issues such as leaving the seat up and having “poor aim”.

In his proud admission, he confesses that not many people, especially women, share his enthusiasm for the unorthodox bathroom addition.

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Television presenter Adrian Chiles
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He said ladies have been particularly known to “to retch at the very sight of it”.

Urinals in the men's bathroom
Urinals in the men's bathroom

Writing in the Guardian, the former Strictly Come Dancing and Match of the Day 2 presenter said that the reaction “baffles him”.

Adding “Many a chap has been chastised about his incompetent use of conventional toilets – poor aim, not putting the seat down, and so on.

Well, here’s the answer: a receptacle at the correct height for ease of use, which is neat, tidy, clean and flushable.”

Mr Chiles, who has two daughters, continued: “It changed my life. Gentlemen – or anyone with a penis – trust me: it is wonderful to have a toilet of one’s own.

People took to Twitter to react to the controversial opinion.

Journalist Hussein Kesvani said: “Adrian Chiles has achieved something major with this article: he’s become the first British columnist who doesn’t have an insane take about toilets.”

Matthew Sweet described the column’s banality as “truly avantgarde”.

One unimpressed user under the name @weemoxy1 said: "Logged on, saw Adrian Chiles’ urinal, logged off."

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