28 foreign criminals removed from UK on Home Office flight as Priti Patel condemns 'appalling crimes'

28 foreign criminals removed from UK on Home Office flight as Priti Patel condemns 'appalling crimes'
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Mark White

By Mark White

Published: 16/06/2022

- 16:35

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:59

Twenty-eight "dangerous" foreign criminals have been removed from the UK and sent back to Romania

The offenders had been serving a combined sentence of more than 160 years for crimes including child sex offences, supplying Class-A drugs, and facilitating illegal entry to the UK.

A charter flight carrying the Romanian nationals left the UK today.

Today's removal flight is the 32nd flight chartered by the Home Office this year, to remove foreign nationals who have committed serious criminal offences in the UK.

Those removed to Romania include a man sentenced to more than six years for conspiracy to rob and assault.

Home Secretary Priti Patel
Home Secretary Priti Patel
Danny Lawson

Three individuals sentenced to a combined seven years in jail for people smuggling were also on the flight.

Over the last few weeks the Home Office has also removed a Lithuanian man, convicted of the rape of a child and a Polish national convicted of importing large amounts of cocaine into the UK.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: "These individuals are responsible for some of the most appalling crimes, including child sex offences and violent crime.

"They have violated both our laws and our values and left their victims loving with the scars of the crimes they committed.

"The British public should be in no doubt of my determination to remove these criminals, to protect both their victims and to make the streets safer."

Last month, 190 foreign offenders were removed from the UK.

Those removed included two killers, eight rapists and fourteen other violent criminals.

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