State pension age is rising again - how to check when you’re able to claim payment

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The state pension age is rising again to 67 then 68

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 31/10/2023

- 07:00

Updated: 31/10/2023

- 12:35

The state pension isn’t paid automatically, but needs to be claimed as a person approaches or turns state pension age

The state pension age has risen in recent years, with further rises lying ahead, as well as speculation that additional hikes to 75 will be needed as pressure mounts over the affordability of the state pension.

The state pension age increase timetable remains unchanged for now but there are plans for a further state pension age review within two years of the next Parliament, which will reconsider the rise to 68.

Those planning ahead for their retirement will understandably want to know when they will become eligible to get the state pension, although it’s important to be aware that the rules could change.

However, the government timetable states the state pension age will increase from its current level of 66 to 67 between April 2026 and April 2028.

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The state pension will then increase from 67 to 68 between April 2044 and April 2046 under the current rules.

The way in which the state pension increases has changed from previous hikes (it previously stood at 60 for women and 65 for men, before rising to 65 for both sexes and then to 66).

It means that rather than reaching state pension age on a specific date, people born between April 6, 1960 and March 6, 1961, reach their state pension age at 66 years and a specific number of months.

For instance, people born on April 6, 1960 to May 5, 1960 will have a state pension age of 66 years and one month.

Those born on or between May 6, 1960 and June 5, 1960 reach their state pension age on 66 years and two months.

There is an online "Check your state pension age" tool on which people can use to check their state pension age.

As well as showing when one will reach state pension age, it highlights the Pension Credit qualifying age.

The service warns: “The state pension age is regularly reviewed, so the results of this tool may change in the future.”

The user needs to state if they want to calculate their state pension age, including Pension Credit qualifying age, or bus pass age.

They then need to enter their date of birth.

The users can then see the date when they will reach state pension age, as well as what their actual state pension age is.

Man looks worried at his laptop

People who haven't reached state pension age can get a state pension forecast


Another service which people planning for their retirement may want to use is the state pension forecast tool.

This shows how much state pension the user could get, plus when they can get it.

It will also highlight how to increase it if it’s possible to do so.

People who are already getting their state pension or who have deferred claiming the payment cannot use the online state pension forecast tool.

The government says applying online is the quickest way to get a state pension forecast but it’s also possible to do this via post if a person will reach state pension age in more than 30 days.

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