Jenrick resignation is explosive moment that shatters Sunak's credibility

​Robert Jenrick's resignation has badly damaged the credibility of Rishi Sunak's plan.

Robert Jenrick's resignation has badly damaged the credibility of Rishi Sunak's plan.

Michael  Heaver

By Michael Heaver

Published: 07/12/2023

- 11:32

GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver analyses what yesterday's dramatic resignation now means

So neither the former Home Secretary nor now the former Immigration Minister can back Sunak's plan to stop the boats. It's not looking good, is it?

After all, why should voters have faith in Sunak when Suella Braverman and Robert Jenrick have now delivered such a damning verdict?

Jenrick is far from a serial rebel. Indeed, he had been widely viewed as a close Sunak ally, however has hardened his position on controlling Britain's borders since becoming Immigration Minister.

In many ways the government bottled it yesterday, refusing to freeze out or even leave the ECHR to stop the boats.

As Suella Braverman reiterated once again yesterday during her speech, actually leaving the ECHR is what the government should be doing in her view.

And Jenrick felt he could no longer continue in government, describing the Bill being put forward by Rishi Sunak as representative "a triumph of hope over experience".

It represents a devastating challenge to Sunak's leadership - and a clear indication that the Prime Minister's plan will simply fail to actually stop the boats.

The drift and delay we have seen on the issue is a damning indictment and something we know infuriates GB News viewers and members - along with swathes of the public as well.

So what will Conservative MPs now do? Not long ago the suggestion of another Conservative leadership challenge would have been dismissed.

However the situation has grown more grave for Sunak after this resignation of a previously key and staunch ally.

Perhaps some Tories are looking ahead to the next election, amid speculation as to what a future Conservative leadership election could like.

But with the Tory Party now divided and miles behind in the polls, many MPs will now be wondering just how many of them will even re-elected at the next General Election.

There is talk of an 'immigration election', with both record-high levels of legal net migration and the illegal migrant boats dominating much of the campaign.

And with Reform UK breathing down the necks of Conservative MPs, perhaps some of them will consider trying to oust Sunak before they lose their seats.

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