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Published: 07/03/2024

- 20:28

Updated: 07/03/2024

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Here are some of the many comments from GB News viewers and readers from our GB News inbox and across our site.

As Jeremy Hunt has been blasted for abandoning pensioners in his 2024 Spring Budget, we have a look at some of your views and ask whether you agree.

Have pensioners been abandoned by the Tories? 

Those members of the public who do not receive a state pension are probably unaware that the much publicised increases on the basis of the triple lock are not exactly true.

The triple lock applies only to the basic state pension but not to any extras which are there because of earnings or to the most generous eighty pence per week (74p after tax) for those persons over 80.

Other components of the pension receive a small percentage, thereby reducing the overall percentage increase in the pension.

The UK state pension is a pittance you couldn’t keep a dog on it . 8 per cent of a pittance is a pittance. 1 million on a memorial at the drop of a hat billions wasted on madcap schemes by ministers with no redress by taxpayers. Taxed Taxed Taxed. We gave our working lives to this country to be treated worse than immigrants. Paxman got The Chancellors name right.
Phil Dougan, Corbridge

Those pensioners receiving the full state pension have been dragged into the government's tax regime as the state pension is now greater than the personal allowance by £49.


I am 79, nearly 80. Contrary to the whinging pensioners, whose views you have been broadcasting, I believe that we have been treated very fairly under the triple lock. If we get enough money from our private pensions to be liable for tax, so be it. It is high time some emphasis is given to young people, who are having a much harder time of it than we did at their age.
David Cheadle

Martin I’ve been saying for years once a person stops contributing into the system you become dispensable. I was earning a salary of back in 1982/3 £12,500 today my pensions are just above the threshold so I’m still paying tax. All the main parties are the same I will no longer vote for either of them, UGH.

Everyone's tax free allowance is 12570 - Pensioners who are paid only the State Pension will not be affected by the frozen tax threshold until the Pension exceeds this - this year it will be approx 90 per cent of the allowance
Any pensioner that has other means will be no worse off income tax wise than those who get their income from employment and who do not get pay rises. In face with the triple lock they may actually end up being better off


There is no way I will be voting Tory , as I normally do, in the next election. If we have no money how can it be right to pay a million pounds for a useless statue. I would prefer it goes to say the NHS. I will be voting Reform. l live in a marginal seat between the Tories and Lib dems. I think the current Tory MP will lose her seat.Jane from Somerset
My wife and I started to receive state pensions in 2022 - c. an extra £20K income (before tax). In addition we receive free national bus and regional tram and train travel for a nominal yearly fee. Also we have received support for fuel bills. Our kids are independent and we have no mortgage to pay. I think we are treated very well and see lots of people in similar situations when we're out and about enjoying our retirement. I would rather money were diverted to support those pensioners in genuine need and young people to help them with buying a home.

Roy - Manchester

I'm a pensioner voted tory of 49 years, this budget was terrible for pensioners, they've lost my vote at the next election.
Brian, Norwich

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