'Battle between Christian God and Liberal God': Michael Knowles on the growing threat to Christianity

'Battle between Christian God and Liberal God': Michael Knowles on the growing threat to Christianity

WATCH NOW: Michael Knowles on the growing threat to Christianity

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/03/2024

- 16:04

The UK's first black female bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin has encouraged Britons to 'embrace being woke'

The Daily Wire host Michael Knowles has detailed the battle between Christianity and Liberalism, as he criticised the comments made by the UK's first black female Bishop.

Rose Hudson-Wilkin filed a motion to encourage parishes and deaneries to "address issues of racial injustice", which was passed by the church’s legislative body.

Husdon-Wilkin described the term "woke" as a "black terminology" speaking "specifically and directly to black people" regarding the need to wake up and stay alert, and to be "consciously aware".

She said: "It is not just a mere word, it is a movement. Those who are threatened by the authenticity of this movement, want to scare us into thinking that being woke is a sin created by people on the left."

Rose Hudson-Wilkin and Michael Knowles

Michael Knowles hit out at the recruitment of female Bishops and Priests

PA / GBN America

In a discussion with GBN America, Patrick Christys shared his view of Hudson-Wilkin and branded her a "BLM loving Bishop".

He criticised her comments and claimed that the church choosing to promote a racial justice section despite having dwindling parish numbers shows they have gone "truly mad".

Patrick fumed: "This is despite not actually appealing to its target audience, and despite, at times, helping to baptise illegal Muslim immigrants so that they can come and live here in this country."

Responding to Patrick's take on the issue, The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles claimed things "won't turn out well" by having lady Priests and lady Bishops.

Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys says the Church's decision shows the world has 'gone mad'

GBN America

Knowles told GBN America: "This shows you not just the absurdity of the Bishopesses and the Priestesses, it shows you that really there is a battle going on and it's going on in many of our churches."


Knowles explained: "Churches that call themselves Anglican, call themselves Catholic, even churches that call themselves any other kind of name where it's a battle between two different religions, the religion is Christianity and the other religion is liberalism. Which one is going to win?

"These are mutually exclusive religions. They have different views of human nature, they have different views of the relation of men and women. They have different views of the whole world."

Knowles continued: "Our God is a jealous God and everybody's got to serve somebody. So unfortunately, what has happened is far too many of the Anglicans have given way to that liberalism.

"This is a problem that has infected parts of the Catholic Church as well, and it's a problem of modernity. Which way are we going to follow? You can really only serve one God. And I would strongly recommend we choose wisely and not follow the spirit of the age. There's a line variously attributed to Archbishop Fulton Sheen or Dean Inge, that if you marry the spirit of the age, you will find yourself a widow in the next."

Rose Hudson-Wilkin

The UK's first female black Bishop says being 'woke' is a 'movement'


Patrick was in agreement with Knowles's view on Christianity and Liberalism and warned that those who follow Liberalism are at risk of "changing minds" in a matter of a few years.

Patrick noted: "If you do decide to sign up to a liberal God, it'll turn out that you worship that for a few years until they decide to change their mind completely about what their God is.

"And then you'll be cast out of society for not having worshipped that God all along.

"I will just say, very politely, there's a lot of strong women in my life, Michael, and no doubt they will disagree with you about the lady bishops. But I agree with you on everything else."

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