'It makes thieves panic and run away!' Deter burglars and protect your home with 'important' tips

Burglar climbing over garden wall

Burglars need just minutes to steal valuable items

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 02/03/2024

- 07:01

There are some ways to prevent being burgled, according to an expert

Burglars need only minutes to break into a property or garden shed and steal your valuables.

But with research estimating there is a burglary around every two minutes in England and Wales, an expert shared how to protect your possessions.

Many people will keep valuable items outside in a shed or garden room, such as expensive gardening tools or a work-from-home set-up, including laptops or televisions.

Garden building expert at Tiger Sam Jenkinson shared five ways to prevent burglars, looking specifically at garden rooms and sheds.

Garden room with TV and sofa

An expert explained how to protect garden rooms and sheds


Keep your shed out of sight

He said: "It’s important to be careful when choosing your shed’s location. If criminals can’t see the shed, they won’t know it’s there and will be much less likely to try and break in.

"Place your garden shed in a spot that is not visible from the road or any alleys, but that is visible from your home itself. That way, you can also keep an eye on it."

Obscure the view of what is inside

Sam continued: "To stop thieves from seeing the belongings inside your shed, fit curtains or blinds on any windows.

"This not only improves shed security, but also has the potential to improve the décor and make your building a more pleasant place to be.

"In addition to covering the windows, you can also hide items inside by covering them too.

"If potential thieves can't see your belongings, they're less likely to take a chance on breaking in."

Install security features

The expert explained: "Consider installing a security light with a motion sensor to scare away thieves. A shed security camera can also make thieves think twice before breaking into your shed.

"If there is no electricity supply to your shed, solar-powered versions are also available. The best alarms are fitted with door triggers and motion sensors that can also make thieves panic and run away.

"But if you install an alarm, make sure it’s visible. The mere presence of these kinds of systems can often deter thieves."

Shed in garden

Sheds can hold expensive tools


Install gravel around the shed

Sam continued: "Gravel driveways and paths are great for making sure you can hear anyone approaching your property.

"If you install gravel around your shed, the loud crunch of footsteps can be enough of a deterrent for a burglar to move on to another target."

Fit good locks

He added: "I recommend upgrading your current lock with two Hasp and Staple padlocks.

"The hasp covers the screw fittings which is a prime weak spot that thieves would otherwise try and exploit."

This comes as an expert shared Britons can deter thieves and keep their homes safe by avoiding a holiday habit.

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